Tourism in China is a big Market. First, because chinese people are numerous, but also due to the opening of China to other countries and the better access to information.Chinese people travel more and more.


It can be not easy to understand that complex customer in a market where you don’t speak the same language and where needs and desires are often opposite to needs and desires of western cutomers. This article is here to help you to understand chinese travelers and to give you 5 new trends you need to know about the new wave of chinese tourists.

In 2016, chinese tourists were more than 135 million over the world. 261 billion USD spent on tourism by chinese. Everybody had ever see this tourist buses crowded of chinese tourists. But, the trend is changing and more and more chinese tourists prefer to travel alone, in couple or with some friends. They are more independants. Analysis show that 70% of the chinese tourists plan to either make their own travel arrangements or buy a travel package but travel on their own for their next overseas trip.

An other things you need to know, chinese tourits no longer want tour guide. 17% of them prefer making their own arrangements by preparing the trip by looking on internet advices. I am not saying that none chinese tourists will travel in group with tour guide, because for many chinese travelers, travelling is still a novelty. It’s easier to let a guide handle all the details, and also more safe.


The chinese society is very complex. First, the country is so big than people are very different, you can’t use the same communication way or advertising to touch your target in the North of China or in the South. That’s also why you have a significant distinction between first-tier cities and second-tier cities.

Most of chinese tourists of the first-tier cities as Beijing and Shanghai had ever travel a lot. They know many countries and want now to discover new destinations. They are more independants than their peers.

The second-tier cities, are less experienced than the first-tier cities of China. That’s why this part of chinese tourists will prefered guide tour and group travelling. In addition, because it’s new, they will spend a lot of money. They want to bring gifts and memories to their families and friends. Shopping also tends to be a novelty for these second-tier cities.

You also need to understand that the behavours of chinese tourists change because of the increasing of their wealths. Wealths increase and chinese people want to live it up better. The luxury tourism is a way more and more chosen by travelers. They want the best : quality, convenience and comfort.

Finally, the new chinese millennials generation is really complex, to attract this target you will need to use new tools.

Millenials want unique and amazing experience. They want to show their travels to their friends and familily and they expect you, travel agency, to make it wonderful and unforgettable.

Be careful, this generation is very sophisticated and they search a lot of information befor consume your products. You have to seduce millenials to attract them.



As I explained you before, chinese tourists no longer use tour guides. They are more independents and can create their own trip without helping of tour guides.

In addition, the time where Chinese tourists visited 10 cities of a country in 10 days is  finished. Now, independant chinese tourists spend more time in each location, they want to discover the place where they are and no longer do want to only do the tourist attractions.


Chinese tourists now really prefered travel alone, in couple or with some friends. Most of them, the most experienced, prefered travel alone because they don’t want to be in big group of chinese tourists, with unknow people (sometimes really annoying), where they will only see the tourist attraction and where they will be rush all along the trip.


Chinese people are the most connected country in the World. You need to adapt your content and your offers. They will come in your country and spend a lot of money.

Facilitate their payments. In China, they are used to pay with their smartphone with apps like Alipay or Wechat. They will spend money in hotels, restaurants, memories… You have to create your own payment QR code  to provide it to your chinese consumers and make their purchase experience easier.

They will trend to spend more on shopping.


As I explained you above, chinese people are really connected. They spend an average of 3 hours each day, surfing on platforms. The Internet is a part of Chinese life. Before travel or before buying your trip offers, they will searchs a lot of informations about you and your reputation. Travelling forums are very useful for consumers and can also be effective for you. You need to be clean and transparent of you want to attract chinese consumers. They no longer trust brands. You have to develop a trustfull relationship with your consumers.

Forums and blogs are really appreciate by travelers ages 40 and older.


You also need to be present on their social media platforms. Wechat and Weibo are the most popular socia media platforms but it exist a lot of other platforms.

Be visible on this platforms and you will attract Chinese tourists. Especially young chinese tourists who really appreciate to see you on their social media apps and be able to communicate with you.

The chinese tourist landscape is changing. The habits of the travelers, they want new things and you need to adapt your strategy to attract this new chinese tourists wave.

I gave you 5 new trends, but a lot of things can also be improve in your strategy.



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