5 tips for a successful Chinese New Year campaign

Holiday marketing campaigns are a great opportunity to be creative and connect with your target audience. It is extremely crucial to go about it in a way that is culturally sensitive if you wanna avoid backlashes.

As we know, Chinese New Year is coming, and if it might be too late for you to launch a campaign now here are our best tips for next year.

5 Best practices for a successful Chinese New Year campaign

1. In-store Events & gift

In-store events could be a fantastic way to connect with Chinese consumers. Hosting a Chinese New Year’s celebration will definitely bring your audience to your location and it will permit you to show them that you are an integral part of their community.

If you start a Chinese New Year campaign, there are many things to underline such as decorations, gifts, and timing. Decorations because they are extremely popular during the Chinese New Year. You can find many items on Taobao. Gifts are an important part of the Chinese New Year and you must make sure that the gifts are appropriate. Timing is crucial to plan your campaign.

2020 was hard for everyone, and a small gift will be even more appreciated than usual and help you increase consumer engagement. Your special gift can be virtual and decked up with red color since it is associated with wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture.

2. Omni-Channel strategy

When you are planning a campaign, if you want it to be successful you will surely promote it on all your channels. Digital marketing is a crucial part of marketing right now but that does not mean you should totally give up on your Offline channel if you have the possibility to do so. It could be a pop-up store, videos ads to displays on elevator/cab TV, or a special event in your offline store.

For those of you that operate online only, it may be a good idea to promote your campaign through multiple channels. It could be via KOLS, PR, Paid ads for the occasion on Douyin; Baidu & so on.

3. Limited Edition: Get creative

Limited editions are incredibly popular in China and especially during holidays when people are looking for unique gift ideas. This year’s brands had fun with the sign of the Ox.

Apple came up with the Apple Ox logo on its air pod, Gucci collaborated with the manager Doraemon to create a cute Ox Doraemon design on a bag, pandora released Ox charms, cosmetic brands launched unique packaging designs featuring the ox and the list goes on.

4. Feature the lucky symbols

As we all know, 2021 is the year of Ox. It occupies the second position in the Chinese Zodiac and stands for values such as determination and strength. During your marketing campaign, you must be sure to use messages that underline these values.

L’occitane used pretty much all the symbols of CNY to come up with a special collection just for the occasion. Limited Edition is especially appreciated in China when they hit the nail. Limited Editions are a great gift.

5. Chinese New Year’s Values: Positivity, Renewal, and Familly.

Chinese New Year is a great opportunity to spread positivity and happiness. Most brands are used to focusing only on large discounts or sales during this time. But brands that stand out are those that capture the essence of the celebration.

Nike once again does an excellent job with its Chinese New Year Video, focusing on family bonds, wellness, and a new better self through hard work and consistency.

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