WeChat is no longer just a social media platform, but a real marketing tool. It has more than 6 million users and many useful functions; to chat with friends, for work and business, and it appeals to both companies and individuals. Its success and efficiency can be explained by the developers’ continued diligence to improve it and add new functions :


Automatic answers

WeChat has now made it easier for companies with an official account to interact with their customers and their followers, using this new function. In fact, it enables them to respond automatically to followers’ questions thanks to Keyword recognition. This feature is really useful to make companies as reactive as possible, to answer to question to satisfy their customer needs and reduce customer waiting times for a response.


Fees for financial transactions and online payments


The app will now deduct a 0.1 % fee for payments and transaction if the amount is over 20000 yuan per month. This new function came into effect on 17th October and is not a way for the app to increase profit, but simply to cover the bank fees incurred by these transactions.


Conference calls with 9 persons

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It’s now possible to have a conference call with 9 different people through the app, and this came just after the  introduction of the conference call on Windows. Available on iOS and Android, this new function will compete with applications like Skype and will help the app become the best social media around. It will also be useful in a professional trend, allowing, for example, people to ability to have a meeting with 9 different people in different countries in the world.




WeChat is now able to locate users in most of biggest cities, using a map to calculate the traffic in the area, the population density according to the date and time, to reduce traffic jams. It also helps the government and authorities to locate people if they need to.


Interaction between companies and customers

Wechat Marketing

WeChat does its best to make its app a real marketing tool. It allows companies to share promotional offers and coupons to attract potential clients and to maintain current customers. It also allows users to send red envelopes, very symbolic for the Chinese New Year. Furthermore, users can send and receive money after linking their bank account with their WeChat account. Finally, it’s a real marketing platform, allowing companies to communicate with their followers and giving them access to special offers when they scan the QR Code.


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