5 ways for forex companies to get more Chinese clients

How Forex companies should market their Offer to target Chinese clients 

 Forex trading market in China is not really easy to break into. The Chinese government has settled really strict rules for western companies that want to lead the forex trading business in China. Here, we will give you some reasons:

  • First, the technical system in China is really different from other international models. Those differences can lead to some complications and difficulties which may affect China’s economic growth.
  • Second, forex trading is seen as a too risky operation and dangerous because of too much exposure for Chinese people. Due to this huge population, if there is any imbalance in the economy, it could have a consequent impact on social stability because of losses in savings.

The main interesting point in China about the forex trading market is the fact that most transactions are traded with the Yuan. Goods and services are priced in Yuan rather than dollars. To give you some figures, last year China’s trading goods exceed 4 trillion dollars. Chinese foreign market is dominated by the inter-bank and retail markets for example you have the CFETS which is a trading platform supervising the inter-bank market, PBOC is a regulatory authority…etc

The operations of foreign exchange trading in China are carried out by a number of banks and foreign exchange trading agencies. But how those companies can succeed to promote their forex trading in this fierce competition and in a country of strict rules?

Pay per click & Seo on Baidu

 Pay-per-click is allowing companies to face rude competition in the forex trading market.

What is pay-per-click advertising? PPC is an advertising system where advertisers can display their ads on a hosted website and when one Internet user will click on these ads, at this time, this hosted website will be charged the advertisers.

If you choose to lead a PPC campaign on Baidu, you will have better chances to reach your target because Baidu will display on the top first pages the results of the advertising which is more than half of a page.

Most of Chinese Business men will research information before investing somewhere…


Chinese business

 Online chatting 

 Online chatting is really convenient for customers since they had the opportunity to ask for help in an easy way and get their answers faster.

Moreover, it can cut down the extra expenses because of employee time saving and phone expenses saving. It allowed employees to manage different chats at the same time and optimize their work timing.

Another point is that online chatting tools can increase sales revenue if your employees are processing well.

You can see two examples below of easy access to online chatting.

online chat forex company


Involvement through Wechat

 You have to engage your audience with your brand and build a community around your brand image and what they are waiting for. The idea is to bring your audience into this world, and communicate about politics, economics, and interesting subjects that might catch users’ attention. Below you can have an overview of FXCM, a forex trading company offering a different kinds of content around financial and economic topics.

FXCM wechat campagne
FXCM wechat

Wechat target customers 

You have to get your audience interested in your topic. Think about your targeted audience, you have actually two kind of potential customers:

  • The first target is those customers who are not really used to forex trading market because it is a too complex market where most of the people might feel completely lost because of complicated figures and explanations. Basically, you have to bring them into this world and make it simple for them to understand.
  • The second target is those who are getting used to comparing forex trading agencies and are familiar with this sector. You have to offer them different content than the first target towards a more professional and technical side.

Make Wechat quality articles depending on the target and try to catch their attention.

 PR & e reputation 

 In this area, you better position yourself as an expert in the sector. Publish relevant articles on referent financial and trading online magazines in order to be more influential in this area and to get more leads. The idea is to speak about the market and make an analysis of it on some leading financial websites and influential newspapers such as forexqq.com for example.

Before starting to trust a forex trading agency, the Chinese will search on the Web and if they found some bad comments, they won’t trust you and won’t choose your company. If you have bad comments, you have to know how to anticipate it and if you get positive comments, you have to highlight it.

To conclude, the forex exchange market is not so simple in China due mainly to regulations, but the idea is to understand Chinese customers and optimize your marketing campaign on tools that Chinese people use.

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