5 Hidden Next-Level WeChat & Tmall Features

In China, social commerce via apps like WeChat & Tmall has become a regular part of people’s lives. Daily life necessities, as well as luxurious items, are all purchased through e-commerce or social e-commerce platforms. Chinese people love spending quite a few hours on their mobile phones checking out the latest deals, and finding out the best promotions, flash sales, and private offerings.

If you are looking into getting into this giant market you have to play the game according to its rules. In China, you have to do it the Chinese way, which means following the latest trends and updating your marketing strategies all the time. In this article, we will bring insights into the latest trends of the two buzzing apps WeChat & Tmall.

1. Tmall private live-stream sessions

The Tmall Luxury Pavilion has just released a new live-streaming tool that will allow brands to connect with customers on a more personal level by hosting completely private sessions.

By using this technology, brands can offer unique services to customers who visit their stores online. These one-on-one live sessions are similar to a mobile VIP room. Carefully picked super professional store representatives present the products. And they assist the customers to find the right products they are looking for. If the customers want to try the items, even that’s possible through the virtual channels. 

So if this is not the future of shopping then what is? Tmall’s super technology features literally bring the shops right into customers’ living rooms.

WeChat & T-mall

You can find this service in luxurious online stores, such as those that sell extravagant products. To bring some insight, one of the first big names to incorporate these private streaming sessions was the very well-known international brand Cartier. Though this feature is now adopted by high-end brands, it is expected to be more common in the future.

Given that recent the COVID-19 cases are once again on the rise in China, brands have to focus on their online existence more than ever. It is not just that. China’s busy customers are provided with more flexibility with this option when compared to physical store visits. It is also much more convenient for the new generation who loves to stay in the comfort of their homes while shopping. Unsurprisingly, the latest news from Tmall states that they received numerous live-streaming private session bookings right after the testing episode was completed.

Bulgari on Tmall Luxury Pavilion

2. WeChat loyalty card offerings

Customer loyalty is the key for brands if they aim for long-term success in this market. That is why many brands are always on the lookout for ways to improve customer loyalty services. Seeing that WeChat service suppliers introduce innovative features and tools to meet the demand. WeChat loyalty cards are just designed specifically to engage customers. They are another beneficial feature of WeChat for marketing strategies since it brings convenience to Chinese consumers.

With this feature, customers can leave their physical loyalty cards and coupons at home–the app stores them for them. And if that weren’t convenient enough, the latest version of WeChat also makes it super easy to manage everything in one place.

sell on wechat customer service crm
WeChat CRM

However, a well-designed and well-planned Loyalty program is not just a digital membership card that provides discounts. To get the most out of this feature, brands should take into account their Chinese customers’ expectations first and produce relevant campaigns tailored according to them.

3. WeChat & TMall shopping assistants

Tmall & WeChat, the two e-commerce giants compete with each other to offer the best user experience. An important feature to be aware of in both apps is the shopping assistants. Shopping assistants are there to help customers via chatting if a customer has any questions during the shopping process. From the product page, with just one click a new window pops out and the chat starts.

It is actually very common behavior for Chinese customers to contact the shop owner before buying things. They ask about the stock info, delivery options, dimensions, and of course authenticity of the product they are about to purchase.

Because Chinese buyers are very accustomed to having live chats available on all applications and most websites, it’s become an expected part of the shopping journey. If you don’t offer this service, you may lose potential customers’ trust–and consequently, end up with fewer sales.

WeChat & T-mall

4. TMall deals section

TMall offers its customers a unique deals section within the app. The manager of the store arranges special promotions and offers events and discounts daily so that the customers eagerly come back and check the latest opportunities.

Since bargain is customary in China, many shoppers will go to a store’s deal page to see if the product under their radar will be discounted in upcoming days or what else is on sale. They love to bargain and they are proud to get discounted prices. If you’re not offering these kinds of deals, then you could potentially be missing out on revenue.

Tmall deals

5. WeChat gifting cards

Another cool feature WeChat adopted is the gift card feature. As good as they sound, this feature quickly became popular among users. Wechat provides gift cards to businesses with a complete process from creation to consumption.

There is one thing for sure. Chinese people love to gift each other frequently. Ideally whenever there is a possibility! WeChat users especially enjoy sending each other these cards during festivals or national holidays to send good wishes and good fortune.

With the option to save and secure these cards within the WeChat app, customers don’t have to worry about losing them ever. This makes the gifting experience among friends more secure and convenient.

Another cool thing about this feature is that the brands can sell these gift cards through multiple channels WeChat has to offer. By integrating their gift card galleries via QR codes’ official accounts, ads, mini-programs, or articles!

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