5 brands make the buzz in China

5 brands succeed to make the buzz in China

Buzz marketing is very popular among Chinese people who are expecting a lot from this kind of event. The buzz could be really viral as it is spreading and shared very quickly on social networks. Buzz is a way for brands to drive up traffic and audience in a very short period of time. There are brands that unfortunately and unwittingly receive bad buzz.

How to trigger your own buzz marketing? There are several points to remember if you want to trigger your own marketing buzz. First, you have to make your offer unique, original, and creative. To create buzz, do not fall into the standard and already seen version. Second, your buzz needs to impact people’s minds and increase customers’ sympathy toward your brand. Third, your buzz has to point out a specific range of your product or a new collection. Here are 5 brands that have succeeded to make their buzz in China.

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The sexy buzz of Uniqlo makes the 7days Hotel profitable

The video of a couple having sex in fitting rooms at the Uniqlo store in Beijing was well emphasized. This video was broadcasted heavily on social networks such as Weibo and WeChat getting about 2 million views in less than 2 hours,

Although the Chinese authorities soon removed this video, you can still find pictures on Baidu.

uniqlo buzz China

Some think that this buzz was sponsored by Uniqlo. Indeed, Beijing’s Uniqlo shop has registered a high record visit rate but was not purposely coming to purchase but to see this mythical fitting room. Actually, it could be interesting to have the idea that the traffic generated is representing potential buyers. However, this is not always the case.

The 7 days hotel chain turned this buzz to its advantage by comparing the comfort of cabins Uniqlo to rooms that the hotel offers.

One plus: Let the suspense goes on

One plus, the Chinese smartphone brand has managed to stir the envy of an expected smartphone … eagerly awaited by consumers.

The model was presented as having the same performance as the Samsung model but at a lower price. However in order to buy the Oneplus you had to get an invitation that was been distributed sparingly with a waiting time of up to 9 months! The aim of the campaign is to enhance this mysterious and inaccessible side of the product and it actually worked!

The ingenuity of the campaign was there: feeding consumer’s expectations, which lead to making increase in the number of applications to get the invitation (pending the envy) and at the same time giving time for the brand to collect comments on smartphones already sold and to start to begin working on some future improvements.

BMW created the UFO fear

This is one of BMW‘s iconic campaigns that sparked the old fear of OVNI invading the Earth. The story began with these mysterious circles located in the Gobi Desert in Qinghai.

These particularly designed circles evoke what can be left by the arrival of aliens on Earth. This phenomenon was massively broadcasted through social networks such as Weibo, WeChat … and also on the Chinese TV channels news.

The author behind these circles is none other than the famous German brand BMW. What is the relationship between OVNI circles and cars? It was at the launch of the new BMW 1 Series characterized as “unique” and that is the reason that explains the design of these particular circles.

Here is the video below

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ao1iJeQRKg&w=560&h=315]

 A 72 years model for American Apparel

American Apparel has created a buzz by putting in its campaigns, an old man aged 72. A grandfather posing as Egeria for a brand whose main target is actually the teenagers … an original concept that seduced the Chinese. But who is this man? This is Mr. Liu Xianping that is no other than the great father of one of the creative fashion brand designers. You can say Liu Xianping is a grandpa fashion and trendy.

American Apparel

 KFC and McDonald’s offer rainbow meals

KFC turns to pink and black:

Fast Food already well-known in China wanted to innovate by offering colorful burgers. A black burger called the “Black Diamond” which is a spicy burger with black bread and always the legendary fried chicken from KFC. The other is named “Rose Cheese” which has the same composition as the black one, but with the bread in pink and cheese with bacon to remind the colorful pink burger.


McDonald’s tries to be grey

After Burger King and KFC, the popping up of colors goes on! McDonald’s released his grey hamburger having the color of a stone and has what all Chinese like pork with a double pork steak, grilled bacon and spice with Sichuan sauce!

This kind of buzz marketing is targeting well Chinese consumers.

First, the packaging of Chinese products is often represented in a “Kawai” way and colorful, and thus offering these colorful hamburgers is a way to attract the Chinese audience. On the other hand, the Chinese like to eat things really tasty: spicy, salty, and oily enough. Brands such as KFC and McDonald’s were able to identify the two points.

To conclude, it is not about to make a buzz in any way. Buzz marketing should be thought carefully taking into account different parameters, including the countries features of the country where you are targeting your buzz. What works in Europe might not necessarily work in Asia. If you want to create a buzz but and you do not know how to do it, contact us:


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