The sector of preservation of environment is booming.

Preserve the environment is the key to have a comfortable life. This awareness is made step by step in China and we assist at more green project. We can take for example Dezhou, the ecological  city, or the transformation of Tianjin, port city in 2050. A steady trend by the government which inspire foreign companies on the Chinese market such as Apple who is engaged in forest protection and construction of sonar panels or Volkswagen, who present it’s new product in  Electric engine or Refillable hybrid.



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You have to experiment the intercultural

The cosmopolitan life is one of the most important feature which will allow to benefit of a lot of opportunity in china, especially in big town such as Shanghai. As an entrepreneur, you will have the possibility to met some important people, this contact will be precious for the launch of our business. You should participate at numerous networking events in accordance with your industry, or during a  KTV with your new Chinese contact.

diversité culturelleYou have to learn to live connected 

If you come to live in china you will live a unique experience and you will see that everything is totally different from the other countries. here in china tradition goes side by side with the ultra modernity and people always live stuck to to their smartphone or Ipad. Here we buy everything on line and it’s its delivery at home. it’s much more easier ! With all the application and socials networks, we are connected every time to  this  huge anthill.  Like that, we remain abreast of the latest trends. The e-commerce has grown really fast, Weibo, KOL and Wechat have become essential parts of a web-marketing strategy, fundamentally transforming the way marketers need to think when they aim at China. In a nutshell, if you want to live and survive in the middle empire, you will have to learn how to use all these tools within this closed internet submitted to a heavy censorship.


A country continuously in flux

If you Come to live in china and you ‘ll be astonished by the difference between the historical neighborhood and the skyscrapers. You can walk by  the luxurious streets where Louis Vuitton and Fendi boutiques are aligned, you will discover a street full of old shops, a merchant of fruits and fishs. And while you will roaming in this world taken between the former and the modern, between orient and Occident, you will realize that you are the witness of a real metamorphosis. China opened its borders thirty years ago triggering a real cultural revolution. With the massive  arrival of the foreign investors, with their products, their consumption mode, this country with an enormous potential has made a real leap forward to arrive at a critical moment of its history.

Smartphone 2

Many opportunities!

Come to live in china and discover all the opportunities that the country offers you and to all the person who know how to play with the culture difference and understand the rules who managed this old country. Come to live in China with the right partner to discover if you have the soul of a real businessman/woman.

As a country in real development 10 years ago, China has now become THE power in the middle east and beyond. This is the land of opportunities for any young entrepreneur who has  the ability to take advantage of multiple opportunities arising . A phenomenon very difficult to find in the so-called developed countries

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  1. Thank you for this very interesting article on the Chinese market. Thank you so much for the advice. There is always plenty of opportunity in China and it is important to be connected. In China, everything is done digitally, whether for B2B or B2C.

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