2021 Live streaming trends for the Chinese market

Do you know that live streaming is the key to open the doors of success in 2021? This is especially true in China. In order to be a winner in such a complex system, we can give you some tips by answering the following question: what are the 2021 Live streaming trends in the Chinese market?

How fast is growing the live streaming market in China?

According to Morning post, the live streaming’s growth rate in China was about 119%. The market size has increased from 19.64 billion yuan in 2017 to 456.12 billion yuan only in the first half of 2020.

So, even if overseas companies have not seen live streaming enhancing sales in western countries yet, except for the gaming sector, they must be aware that this innovative tool is an unlimited weapon in China.

Now, you are maybe wondering “how can my brand use it?”

What are the 2021 Live streaming trends in the Chinese market?

Trend number 1: Special deals

Chinese love to buy convenient products, to get that special offer, and be the one who bought a special product at the right moment. This explains why Chinese consumers seem to be so interested in special offers during live streaming. Live streaming is a unique event, it only happens once, then it’s also the unique occasion to buy the loved product at a such low price.

Live streamers know it and offer free gifts or coupons during these virtual sessions.

Trend number 2: live streamers must know all products details and be exceptional communicators

Since the live streaming’s main feature is the real-time connection between the buyer and the seller, something that is missed in eCommerce before the live streaming arrival, those who sell your products must perfectly know your goods. This is because potential clients during the session will do an infinite number of questions and your promoter tasting how to use them.

So, don’t risk them laugh at your show like what happens to the famous KOL Li Jiaqi when was promoting a pan in a totally wrong way, otherwise, they will never click the embedded link that directs to your online store!

Trend number 3: combine UGC with PGC

To differentiate your shows from those of your competitors, you must be able to combine both Users Generate Content and Professional Generated Content. Find an original way to merge influencers’ content with that of traditional media can be a vantage point.

Trend number 4: rely on Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs)

The influence of KOCs, also known as micro-influencers, is becoming more and more important. The reason why they are so influential is the strong connection with niche target groups and the high engagement rate.

In addition, they personally manage their own accounts and content (unlike KOLs and VIPs), making them cost-efficient.

These both are sufficient reasons to take into consideration the advantage of collaboration with micro-influencers, including them in marketing strategies and budgets.

Trend number 5: influencer marketing will become performance-based

Fake followers and inauthentic engagements are too common these days. Being able to directly attribute performance metrics to brand success will be vital in 2021. Brands need to know whether or not influencers will be able to deliver on promises.

Meaning deals will become increasingly data-dependent with a heavy focus on measurability. There will be greater emphasis on relevant metrics that translate directly into sales such as click-through rates and active engagement.

Trend number 6: long-term contracts and relationships between brand & Chinese Kols

As the social media landscape becomes more saturated, businesses are choosing to focus on increasing their reach and building brand loyalty.

In the past, many companies opted for one-off deals on a campaign per campaign basis but brands, in 2021, are looking for influencers to represent them in the long run.

Companies are beginning to realize the numerous benefits of long-term partnerships, such as a steady flow of regular content, which increases ad frequency and exposure, and the genuineness and authenticity that comes along with an influencer consistently endorsing a brand. Influencers are taking on the role of brand ambassadors, meaning that it will be essential for businesses to find the right people to partner with long term.

Ok, know something more about how to perform live streaming, but maybe you want to know where your virtual promotions can be more visible in China. Then, a question naturally arises….

What are the top 3 live streaming platforms in China?

  1. Taobao, 77% of respondents heard about Taobao’s live streaming sales
  2. Douyin, 67 percent of respondents
  3. Kuaishou, 24 percent of respondents

Source: Statista 

We gave you just a little piece of knowledge of the Chinese digital ecosystem. If you want to understand something more, you can stay tuned to our Blog’s news, or you can just click here to contact us.

China is becoming the economically strongest country in the world and it is an extremely lucrative market at present. However, the Chinese market and culture are very different from the western’s, with a very different language that does not help with localization. In conclusion, you need a partner with knowledge of the language and the digital world (yes, digital, marketing in China is mainly digital).

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