Which one is best for you: Wechat or Weibo ?

The Chinese population is very connected and aware of social networking and the mass media, as they are very receptive and enjoy being informed about the latest brands, trends, and products. China’s number of internet users proves this and is also what has allowed the Chinese e-Commerce market to expand so greatly.

Why do you have to choose between WeChat or Weibo?

 Many start-up businesses and companies use social networking to share photos, videos, or text content in order to promote their brands and their products. In many cases, start-ups are unsure of what channels and platforms they should choose to mediate their name; so the question is, which networks are currently the most effective?

wechat vs weibo

It is almost certain that small start-ups and investors will begin with a relatively large amount of expenses and costs, but now thanks to social networking, they have the opportunity, to begin with, strategies tailored to their own business and their target audiences from the kick-start.

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Wechat the new way to connect

WeChat is the first instant-messaging platform including all-in-one services. The application was first created by Tencent China, in January 2011, and is now the most-used communications platform used by the Chinese population. WeChat has also become the Chinese competitor of Whatsapp, a Western version of the instant-messaging app (with fewer services). WeChat not only includes the closed-network messaging service, but has regrouped all features you find on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp to produce an all-rounded platform that expands in every way possible. In addition, the app is not limited to just the Chinese public but is open to all international users too with all choices of application language available.

WeChat’s application layout and the interface are easy-to-use and allow first-time users to pick up utilization very quickly, with WeChat’s ‘Official Accounts’ enabling your business to gain exposure and e-Reputation easily. This function allows your business to mass-mediated content to the mass audience. The Official Account is also a good way to keep track of your business’ progress.

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Weibo logo

Weibo is an online social network, that is considered “Chinese Facebook” and “Chinese Twitter”. The network offers a micro-blogging service, allowing users to post photos, videos, text content, as well as to share content posted by other users. Weibo was launched in 2009 by Sina and currently has over 600 million registered users. The platform succeeds in sharing mass-mediation with WeChat. Weibo has statistically found that the platform is used mostly by younger audiences with 70% of its users being 30 years old and under. The platform is known for communicating news about the news event, celebrities, public figures, as well as well-known brands and companies. Compared to WeChat being more diverse in terms of the target audience population, Weibo is much more about a media platform.

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There are many essential factors you must put into consideration before starting up a business, such as: what kind of product you are selling, who is your target audience, and what is the significance of your business. These are crucial aspects to understand, but as to what social network will work best is your own decision. Why not both!

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  • Both of them are very interesting to promote brand. For foreigners, they prefer to use WeChat because on Weibo, everything is in Chinese. Your article is very interesting for people who don’t know Chinese social media. Thank you very much.

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