T-Mall has sold 100 new Maserati SUVs… in 18 seconds!

The first Maserati SUV (Levante 350hp) which was only sold on the internet in China broke a new record. The Italian brand sold 100 cars (which represent an amount of RMB 100 million in total) in only 18 seconds via T-Mall.

Last Wednesday, Alibaba’s auto business division announced they started strategic cooperation with Maserati. During this announcement, they reported that the car would only be sold online. In exchange, Alibaba would make a huge effort in promoting the automobile e-commerce business for sales, marketing, and global expansion.

Maserati made the world premiere of its first SUV at Geneva’s auto show earlier in March. This vehicle is only available via its Tmall flagship store in order to offer Chinese customers any model they want and a way to pay in advance for a part of the car (they should pay the rest at the official store).

“As an online shopping platform, Maserati’s Tmall flagship store will integrate optimized resources in e-commerce promotion and market sales with Alibaba,” said Wang Li, the general manager of Alibaba’s automotive business division.

The vehicle-selling business on Tmall started back in April 2014. Alibaba’s website has a lot of brands such as Tesla, BMW, General Motors, and Volkswagen.


… Last time we heard about Maserati in China was when a man destroyed his car at an auto show. The news is getting better!

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  • Interesting article! I didn’t know that on Tmall we can buy car. They sold their car very fast. Chinese market is a big opportunity for foreign brand. The promotion is also very important to sell their product . Thank you for your article.

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