15 Million Chinese Kids are Paying Online English Classes 

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Chinese people are more and more interested in the English course. With the new generation, millennials, a new wave of learning emerges in the country. The course is now provided through an internet platform, allow Chinese parents to save time and money by the way. These courses are provided one-on-one lessons for a better understanding and level with the time. The number of Chinese people born in China this last decade increased a lot, the family is focused on the well-being and learning of their child, allow many online companies to develop their businesses. 

China Online teaching market in China

The online Chinese market increases every year and is in constant progress. Compare to the old generation, the family is more willing to spend money on their children’s education. Furthermore, since 2016, the authorization provided by the government, allowing the household to have two children, the number of borns is to 17 million per year. That shows a real interest to Chinese people to take care of the young generation, allowing them to open to the world and travel abroad and build for them a better world. 

We have two main targets in this kind of market. Most important, parents are the target has convinced because they paid for their children, and don’t want to waste their money on useless English lessons. For this reason, you must know what the expectation is and offer content adapted to the situation. Also, the children followed their parent’s decisions but if they don’t like the content and think they learn nothing that’s a waste of time for them. 


To sum up, Chinese people looking for a platform allowing time savings and money comparing other offers, the most difficult thing is to attract both targets and not just one. 

Does China speak English?  

Even if in many cities in China some Chinese people are not familiar with the English language, this course began a priority from kindergarten to graduation, more and more learning English at a young age even if they don’t like it, that is a necessity for them to make proud their family and develop their relation abroad. 

This method of the lesson through the internet platform has a double benefit, one for both sides allowing sharing their knowledge, culture, and habits during the lesson. Another is traveling in a new country different from staying at home. For the teacher and the student, they create a link between us for a better atmosphere. 

With this kind of method, children can greatly improve their English skills and become better in English and the teacher can live decently with a good salary per month compared to other professions. A teacher having his schedule overbook can earn as much money as a teacher in a public school in America (70.000$ a year). 

In addition, the current society is globalized, learning English is not just an option but a necessity even if China is the largest country around the world with the most important population, business around the world is made in English, Chinese is not yet a universal language for this reason the size of a country is not determinant for the importance of a language and its universality.  

With new thinking about other people, China could begin a powerful state if the whole country speaks English, improving the relationship between other countries. 

Selling Online Course in China: A profitable business

In terms of price, the wages of the teacher are competitive from 14 to 20+$ per hour while the lesson is paid from 30 to 80$ per hour by the parents. The presentation provided by the teacher may be either free or framed by the organization that allows them to have great freedom and teach as they want. The result at the end is perceived by the student, he can communicate easily in English and can develop these skills in the future in his future job. He has a great added value on the others who had never spoken English.  

This activity could be perceived as a benefit for both sides. The teacher earns money and stays at home while the student is learning and stays at home. 


Both savings their time avoiding useless displacement and optimize methods of learning.  More and more students follow this kind of course because it’s not just an obligation, boring and difficult but because it’s a pleasure, funny and easy to learn with educational methods. Some platforms provide their application but let liberty of freedom to the teacher. That makes each course unique which is a different way to learn English for children. 

The advantage of a one-on-one lesson allows the teacher to better meet parents’ expectations and furnish quality content for the child.  

The profile of the teacher-student 

The comparative study of the profile of the teacher and the student is interesting. 

Indeed, the teacher in many cases here are mostly people who had an accident physically or not in their life and they can’t return to work. A major part of them is a housewife wanting to continue working and take care of their child. With this concept, because they teach early in the morning and/or later in the evening, they can have a lot of spare time for their occupations. Some of them use this method to have a second salary because you can manage your schedule depending on your priority and earn a wage from 1500 to 5000+$ per month. That shows a real desire for freedom at work.  

For the student, are young from kindergarten to 12 years old, and want to learn English. The current course dispense in their school is not interesting and personalized, the course provided by the platform follows this structure and allows them a better understanding of the language adapted to their level. Most of them come from a privileged background, their parents can spend a lot of money on their education to permit us to succeed in life if the results provided by the lessons are enough. 


With the increasing demography in China, the numbers of children increase a lot, but the mentalities stay the same, parents wanting their children to succeed and outrange others for this reason they provide us some tools allow them to become better. 

Main actors on the Chinese Online Education market 

The market is shared between many actors who propose the same kinds of services but some of them are very interesting for both sides with the offer, the salary and the content of the lesson 

For example, the current number one is VIPKidsthis platform allows the teacher to start his day at 5 am, Chinese time, and to finish at 9 am. The teacher can then manage his schedule according to his wishes for the rest of the day and resume later if he feels like it with other students. The concept of one one one thus allows a better development of the child’s linguistic skills through pedagogical courses given by a person whose mother tongue is English.  


Another advantage of this platform is the proximity it creates between the student and the teacher, in fact, a real relationship is established and not a simple teacher-student without interest. Besides, the teacher’s performance is evaluated by the student, which makes it possible to know if the teacher is good or not and to keep only the best.  

 Moreover, the teacher does not have to know how to speak Chinese to be able to give his lessons, which is a considerable advantage because all exchanges are in English and allow everyone to become a teacher as soon as they have a minimum of pedagogy and listening skills. Essential to be effective  

To sum up on the Chinese Online Education Industry

the creation of Internet-based course platforms makes it possible to develop a certain open mind for the Chinese population, which will encourage them to travel more and discover new countries. Why such a craze? Quite simply because more and more people can travel since the emergence of the middle class in China. As this market is still a little closed with little competition, the courses given are both free due to the learning methods and supervised by the small number of participants. The quality of the latter is superior to classic courses thanks to the format. The new generation would, therefore, be able to express itself perfectly in English and thus be more open to the world than the previous generation, less involved in this process. 

As a marketing agency, we can provide you with some advice to develop your activity in China, this country is quite different compared to the western country. Do you want to create your platform or know when and how you can come to China to develop your activity? 

Don’t waste your time and contact our agency we will be happy to help you achieve your dreams and make them real. 


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