Soon enough, you could upload Facebook in China!

Faecbook en Chine

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO has been a fan of China for years! Nevertheless, until now China has not been sensitive to Facebook’s charm. Indeed, the Great Firewall in China, has not authorized Facebook to penetrate the Social Network market as its Western friend Twitter.


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Mark Zuckerberg shows his passion for China

Mark Zuckerberg sur place tienanmen

Facebook’s father did not hesitate to share his big passion for China on March 18th in Beijing. Indeed, he did jogging along the Tien’anmen Square followed by internauts and even several Chinese people to support him. Even if the pollution rate was high on this day, he took the risk to face the smog and ran without wearing mask.

Although his positive behavior got mocked by many cybernauts, others criticized him for not respecting the events which took place in 1989.

The photo was taken and posted on Facebook. How did he share it though Chinese restrictions? Obviously, nowadays, foreign tourists who travel in China, can upload a VPN which avoids censorship. Another feature that the Chinese government try to control…

Facebook’s CEO dealing with Chinese propaganda

Mark et Liu

The following day, on March 19th, an extraordinary picture was taken in China, on which we could see Marck Zuckerberg and Liu Yunshan shaking hands ! A huge effort from the Chinese government which accepted to meet the most popular Western Social Network though totally banned in China.

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A new opportunity to penetrate China

Chinese market would represent over 700 millions new cybernauts if Facebook succeeded in penetrating China. The meeting was smart and smily but nothing proves China will open its door to the Western Social Network. Currently, the Chinese government is getting more and more strict regarding the sharing of informations and is adopting important rules to control online medias.

Liu Yunshan, one of the most important person of Chinese Communist Party, has been in charge of controlling information in China for 10 years and has accepted to meet Facebook’s CEO. He hopes “Facebook will improve communication, share experience and allow Internet to understand Chinese companies”.

However, there are some conditions. Actually, if Facebook succeeds in approaching Chinese cybernauts, the Chinese government will manage this information channel with chinese features including rules and restrictions which already exist for Chinese Social Medias.

What about censorship ?

Mark Zuckerberg did not reflect on this subject. Actually, he did not speak about the Great Firewall which puts China aside from other countries regarding the Internet area. He did not seem to be afraid of the censorship feature and repressive measures adopted in China.

Especially since March 10th, Chinese government applied many restrictions concerning online foreign media companies and information which gets generated. Leadership in China wants to keep the social values of its politics which risks to limit even more media companies’ work.

Is this the good one ?

It’s not the first time that Facebook’s CEO meets an important political figure from China. Indeed, in 2014, he met Lu Wei, who then was in charge of internet and was influenced by President Xi Jinping.

Nevertheless, Liu Yunshuan belongs to another politic area and this meeting might have been the key of Facebook’s success in China and even the Great Fire Wall.

Soon enough, we could see Chinese netizens browsering on Facebook instead of Wechat. That would be an amazing surprise !

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