Chinese consumers: their addictions are worst than in Western countries !

Singles Day

Singles day1

Single people in Western countries are dreaming of it: Chinese people did it !


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Indeed, instead of crying over Valentine’s Day like single European or American people do, every year Chinese consumers celebrate the “Singles Day” which takes place on November 11th … choosen because of the repetition of the number “1” in the date.

This day is important for Chinese e-commerce because it is a huge opportunity to create promotions online. This special event reaches the most important sales levels in the World. This allows e-commerce professionals to observe purchasing habits of Chinese people.

Chinese youngsters are more and more connected on their smartphone. And this geek attitud generates a few addictions.

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The Number 1 addiction among Chinese consumers: smartphone usage

Chinese people surpassed Western netizens again, and are more than 45% in China to own a smartphone. They will be more than 49% in 2017, which represents 1.2 billions people. Being “Smartphone Nation” is not the only addiction in the multimedia area in which they are leading in 2015. They actually use tablets and laptop computers even more than other consumers, especially for online purchases. Even the famous brand PEPSI created smartphones, incredible !

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One of the most important usages of smartphones: applications!

Indeed, young smartphone addicts spend most of their times “head down” in the wubway, watching their smartphone screen, playing games, buying online, etc… One application whose downloads are raising up is Ctrip, a travel app with 800 millions of followers and 70% of transactions during the first semester of 2015. Travels are getting increasingly popular among Chinese consumers and the tourism industry is explosing in China.

Chinese head down 2

Social networks is the second biggest digital addiction in China

Are you surprised ? The leader of Chinese social networks is QQ (Tencent) with 850 millions users per month, followed by Wechat with 600 millions. How does this network appeal to Chinese netizens so they spend so much on it? Social medias actually have a big influence on online purchasing. Among the 90% of cybernauts, 62% of them look for the last trends, search for clothes, cars, electronics, watch videos or ask some information about products.

Furthermore, the ads investments are higher and higher on the internet. It should increase from 11 to 12.5 % between 2015 and 2017.

In addition, applications like Tencent take a part of the online consumption thanks to e-commerce websites as Alibaba. Even the big brand Uniqlo, uses social networks so their consumers are able to buy products online: 1/3 of their customers purchase Uniqlo products and 25% of them do it via Wechat. In terms of demographics, Chinese men from 15 to 29 years old are the most interested in e-commerce via Wechat, especially between 10 am and 10 pm.

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Promotions are a big deal

Social Networks have never missed the opportunity to attract consumers. This generate a huge addiction for users regarding promotions: they want discover new games, new funny apps, new services !

Chinese people still prefer physical stores

chinese and shopping

90% of Chinese consumers prefer shopping in real shops. Nevertheless, 85% will check the website before, and 30% of them admit spending a lot of time in a store before actually buying online. For 63% of them, their spendings in shops are more important if they have consulted the website before.

Even if purchasing in real shops is still important in China, online purchasing is increasing. Chinese consumers are fond of accessories, cosmetics, electronics. The middle class consumption is growing and cross-border e-commerce websites are now very popular. This phenomenon is spreading thanks to Wepay, a service on Wechat, which proposes to buy products in RMB and converts directly in various currencies such as Euros, Dollars, Yen, etc…

Finally, luxury products are not concerned by e-commerce much. Rich consumers prefer going to shops and buying products directly there, it is a guarantee of quality.

Digital entertainments in China: keep it attractive !

QR code wechat

Chinese people are demanding for new digital entertainments. Any funny new smartphone game reaches good performances in no time! Consumers in China love QR codes, customized offers, the Wechat Wallet service to purchase online. They expect user-friendly apps and social networks. Keeping your apps easy to use and original will help support this consumers addict behavior.

For example, a new service was created by Tmall enabling consumers to wear clothes in a virtual fitting. An awesome invention for Chinese people who look for a nice way to not waste time while shopping.

Chinese customers are attracted by quality services

Chinese consumers are attracted by customized online promotions. The famous jewelery brand from Hong Kong “Chow Tai Fook” createda promotional system via Wechat enabling users to shake their smartphone so that they receive discount vouchers during the New year. This marketing action brought them more than 32,000 followers and 21,000 sales.

The Online to Offline (O2O) is now a big part of Chinese consumers’ life. This system is adapted to their way of life. They are able to order what they want or need and have it delivered at home. A new service available thanks to digital innovation.

In app payments are the way to go

mc do and wechat

That is not a secret anymore: Chinese consumers are addict to online purchasing through apps especially with Wechat and its QR code system. Purchasing on mobile phone represent half of all e-commerce transactions in 2015, and should still increase.

This is it ! Mc Donald’s, the famous fast food chain, created an online payment system thanks to Alipay, which allows to scan a QR code and to get delivered at home. Mariott announced people could pay online in Asia in mid-2016. Swatch surpassed Apple and proposed an online payment via Unionpay. The world is changing !

Chinese people and luxury goods: a big love story !

This is well-known: Chinese consumers love luxury products, especially those aged 18 to 30. Young consumers want quality services and products. A huge challenge for their Western neighbours !

The tourism sector is developping !

Chinese people want to travel and they buy most of their luxury goods abroad. Luxury shops in China are becoming chatting areas more than places where they buy products. Chinese buying havits are changing and new trends are appearing. To sum up, brands need to constantly adapt!

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