Interview of Sofie Chen, founder of the brand l’Amour Toujours

Interview of Sofie Chen, founder of the brand l’Amour Toujours


Can you introduce yourself … Who are you ? what are your main professional experiences ?

I have been in the trading business more than 10years, my profession was international trading, but from 5years ago, i have consider myself as happiness provider, and girl’s best intimacy adviser:)

Can you explain what is your Brand ?

L’amour Toujours, which in French means “Eternal Love”. All of us are looking for true love, but really, what does love means? and is the love last forver? Before to answer those questions, we offtenly asked them that do you know how to love yourself? Love is a kind of energy, it motivates you to become a better person, it shouldn’t be limited…
l'amour toujours

Why do you choose to create your own Brand ?

I’m a lingerie enthusiast who,until then, had found it difficult to buy lingerie to my taste in Shanghai, what missing is elegance sexy with sensibility.  Even in today, we have still keeping this elements in all of our collections.
l'amour toujours sophie Chen

What are according to you the best way to increase the brand awarness of your Brand in China ?

This is a difficult question to be answered. In the past 5years, we have done many fashion shows, TV interview, Magazine introductions, but mainly, i think we lived longer enough to be recognize. We are very much patient, once our products and services has been accepted by clients, then our reputation will be spread out…therefore, to us, the best way is pass from our clients mouth to mouth.

What Chinese consumers appreciate in Lingerie ?

It increats every year. More ladies relized how import lingere is and willing to try and change…Im very gracefull to those ladies who supported us and helping us to grow in all those year, we are not the best and biggest, but if without them, we weren’t go that far…our confidence is built up on their trust…our future is tightly connected to them,therefore, our clients always came first!

What are the Top 3 advices you usually give to other entrepreneur in China ?

1.Listen to the clients

2.Listen to the clients

3.Listen to the clients

What is according to you , the brand that do the best Marketing in China ? (underwear Brand )

I’m not impressed with any of them, they only wants to sell the products, and their marketing strategies are very much boring to me, if i have that kind money to do, we will do something very different, but now, I wish them a good luck, because we are expanding this year… !
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