How to use Pay Per Click on Baidu search engine?

The aim to conquer the Chinese market is really good. But to know how making that, this is much better. This article will give you the keys of success, with some advices about PPC (Pay Per Click) on Baidu in China.


chinese MetroChinese are the most connected, everywhere, every time and especially by Smartphone. They use also their smartphone to purchase online. These buyers will prefer to use the application’s search engine, already installed in their phone rather than on computers.


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More than just a phenomenon, Social Media are a great part of Chinese life.

Mobile Applications allow them to be part of a community, following their favorite brands, receiving instantly all news, sharing what they love and do, buying online…


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Baidu and some competitors

-Baidu : He is leading the web and get nearly 89% of internet users.Baidu Marketing

While concrete offers Baidu?

Pay Per Click

Similar to Google Adwords, it generally has a lower cost per click (CPC) to the American search engine. The establishment of a PPC on Baidu usually takes two weeks.

Better to use a local agency to help with the translation of documents and set the pages in Chinese.

Display ad network

PPC users on Baidu can also use Baidu’s content network, similar to the Google Display Network. The service has a very useful marketing feature, integrated in the display. 600,000 websites are partnering with Baidu to display banners.

The Brand Zone (not to be confused with the Friend Zone)

Whenever specific keywords on brand are searched, the Brand Zone presents the brand, with the logo in the foreground, a presentation of the company and custom written content.

This is an exclusive service Baidu. It can be expensive, but with average click through rate (CTR) by 50%, Baidu (PPC average CTR of 1%) remains more advantageous than Google (PPC average CTR of 0.2%).

What does it mean:

A PPC campaign (Pay per click) will have best chance to reach your target than on google.

“Naturals results” are in down page, whereas the advertising results (paid search) are in first position, on the top and almost to the half first page. Baidu propose similar services that Google do, some PPC, advertising space, logo on page…

Furthermore, a stranger brand which is seen on Baidu will have more chance to considered as a famous brand and bring traffic on the brand’s website than a brand which would not seen on the Chinese Web.

Read more to know how to realize an effective SEO campaign on Baidu!


-Qihoo 360 ( : Second most popular search engine in China, which gained in 2013, more than 25% of market share, in less than a year. This is explained by the fact it is the search engine by default in the Internet 360 Browser.

Google : blocked by censorship, expats and a part Chinese internet users use VPN to access it. However, Google is still the seragh engine of reference to search and order some abroad products and brands.

For some expats, the habit will be to research on google by VPN with the aim to gain a maximum of information about the product they to buy. So, they will connect to Taobao by example, and will research it easily.

Regarding all these facts, you can choose what is matching with your budget and your project. And for a personalized balance sheet with an effective support, Gentlemen Marketing Agency is here.

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