10 Simple Tips to Target China (for Small Tourism Business)

If you already have a small tourism business or just enough ambitions with some fortune and desire to use those in a smart way for getting into, then this article is for you.


Why Chinese Tourists?  Because they are the Future of Tourism industry 

  • Chinese international tourist market will remain the most lucrative in the next 10 years
  • If Chinese will like experience with you, he will recommend you to much more of his friends than anyone else
  • In the next 20 years, China will take the 4th part of all international tourism

GOOD NEWS  for Small Tourism Business all over the World 

If previously Chinese travelled mainly in mass groups, mainly to the top destinations and/or in luxury, now the situation is changing for your benefit:

  • Mass groups are still popular, but only among the elderly
  • Chinese will prefer wild nature & fresh air over the popularity of the place
  • Travelling experience now is more important than luxury

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 You want to target Chinese travellers: These Tips are the BASIC 

  1. Before to start, create a good Chinese name for your business

Your prospect Chinese guests have a very different mindset and language. Every sound has some special meaning and pronunciation there. Make the name of your tourism business consonant, easy to remember and sonorous to their world.

Make your clients find you in China


  1. Create a Chinese website, host it locally


Business with Chinese is Only in China and Only in the Chinese Language!

You need to make your potential clients find your travelling business on their mainland. The best way to make it is to create your own Chinese website with pictures of your travelling destinations, information about your travelling activities and your contact details. To make your website work fast in China, you need to put it on Hong-Kong or Singapore’s hosting. Your website has to be mobile-friendly, as Chinese are using their mobile phones for any kind of searches.

  1. Make SEO on Baidu

Baidu search engine is the only way to find your website in China. It is “Chinese Google” and all the searches are appearing there.  You need to make Baidu Search Engine Optimization campaign for your website for the key search words that are most appropriate for your travelling business (for example “Kenya Safari”). The higher is your ranking on Baidu, the more people are coming to your website.

  1. Improve your e-Reputation

China is the most flooded county with frauds! Apart from counterfeits every year there appearing and disappearing thousands of fake and low-quality hospitals, surgery clinics, financial services and tourist agencies. Chinese are very concerned about not being cheated. They will search on the internet, consider and reconsider a countless number of times before even to buy a local tour ticket for the nearest weekends.

After your potential client will find your website through a Baidu and carefully study it, he will start to search for any kind of information about your travelling business in Chinese web. (Are you already there?) The more positive information, more good reviews, more recommendations on Chinese forums he will get about your business – greater chances that your potential client will call to you. In China, the reputation of your business is your “everything”.

  1. Open Official account in Chinese Social Media

Social media platforms are the best way to introduce your tourism business to Chinese. In China, there is no Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. You need to use Chinese native social media platforms to reach Chinese travellers. Here are some from the most useful for your business:

Weibo is the second most popular social media platform in China. Chinese and foreign celebrities, domestic and international brands are using it for promotion and interaction with their followers.

Mafengwo is the most popular social media platform for tourism. There are Chinese and international travel companies, vloggers, bloggers and any travelling forums any topics. Many Chinese are looking for their travelling inspiration there.

CTrip is the most popular platform for booking tickets and accommodation. Travel forums and reviews are also there.

  1. Work with Chinese Travel Influencers

Travelling influencers are Chinese popular travelling bloggers with a large number of followers. Chinese travellers are very appreciating their travelling experience and advice. Chinese tourists are looking for travelling inspiration from their favourite travelling bloggers.

  1. Improve your visibility on Chinese Web

If things are already going well with your Chinese guests, you can improve visibility of your travelling business in China: open more official accounts on different social media platforms; create more interesting content for your travelling followers; make Baidu PPC and display advertising campaign.


  1. Create Chinese cross-border payment account

Chinese are mostly using their native mobile payment platforms WeChat and Alipay for cashless payments. It is already proven on practice that the Chinese are ready to buy more products or services if they have a chance to use their native payment services when abroad or just ordering a trip from your website. It is not that difficult to make cross-border payment account on your phone or use this service from 3rd party companies.

Improve your business locally

  1. Add more food options

Let your guests try more authentic food from your destination. For them, experience in tasting local food is as important, as the travelling experience itself.  Always have Chinese food and chopsticks as an option: your guests like the feeling of being at home, especially when they’re with their children and on the long journey.

  1. Provide service in the Chinese language

Learn key Chinese phases, as your guests like to be welcomed by their own language. But better hire qualified Chinese speaking staff or tour-guide: educational tours are on the rise in China, so with Chinese speaking staff, you will have more clients.

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Do you want to develop your Business? RIGHT ?

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We hope these essentials will help you to understand what is needed to succeed in China!


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