The 10 most original mooncakes

The 19th of September will be this year’s moon festival of the Chinese calendar. At that time, Chinese people are used to meeting their family and eating special dishs, like mooncakes, or yuebing in Chinese. So it is a good time for Chinese shops to try to invent special mooncakes and do special marketing to sell more.

Here you will find the most original mooncakes:

1. The most delicious mooncake


This cake can be found in Shanghai, created by Xinghualou, a famous store, and is called the “8 treasures mooncake”. It is the best one you can find.

2. The fake mooncake

Haagen-Dazs created a fake but delicious mooncake: it is made of chocolate, and stuffed with ice cream.


3. The funniest mooncakes

The “full moon” mooncake is the funniest you can find. You can only buy it online on the “goods of desire” website.


 4. The best mooncake sold by a big store

Starbucks mooncakes should be the best among those created by big stores. And you can find them in a big variety of tastes. The green tea and the red beans are really delicious.


 5. The most disgusting mooncakes

You should not try the beef and curry mooncake, which is really weird. The ham one and the truffle and bacon one are quite “special” too.


 6. The biggest mooncake

The biggest mooncake was made in Shenyang, in Liaoning province, on August, 27th 2007. It was 8,15 meters big, 20 cm thick, and weighed 12,98 tons. It had been made with 12 tons of flour and had been cooked for 10 hours in the oven.



 7. The mooncakes you can have fun with

Made this year, the xiangqi mooncakes (Chinese chess game), are funny, because when someone loses a pawn, the other one can eat it!


 8. The most commercial mooncakes

Nokia realized the most commercial mooncakes, and when you bought a Nokia phone, they offered you one of these.

Nokia moon cake from starbucks 7

 9. The most expensive mooncakes

In China, you can also find mooncakes made of jade or gold, which are very expensive!

gateau de lune or

 10. The weirdest mooncake

A Chinese internet user shared a quite strange mooncake recipe: it contains vodka, wine, chocolate, fudge…


11. Bonus: The geekiest mooncake

The is a 4 Gb USB key, which can be bought for 25 euros. But don’t eat it!


source: see this article

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