China is the most densely populated country in the world with more than 1 billion and 300 million inhabitants but it’s also and especially the second economic power in the world. With advantageous geographical and economic situation, the country has benefits to be more attractif these last 10 years.

China is world ranked 3rd in number of website registered at the UNESCO heritage. The country hosts many cultural, natural and mixed websites, that makes of him on of the most attractive countries in the world on tourism.


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Here are the opportunities for tourism Market in China :


  • The presence of huge attractive cities:

Shanghai - City Of Lights (China)

Among the most touristic destinations in China, there is of course Beijing, the economic capital of China which is also recognized as an important cultural and economic center in China.

There is also Shanghai, the biggest city of China, also called the Chinese New-York, which is considered as the most prospere cities and embodies the future of China.


  • The hospitality market :


In 2015, the hotel’s market is growing up and the actual globalization motivate hotels to expand internationally and especially in China. The country is a strategic place to expand for its populations and for the touristic development. There is more than 3000 classified hotels in China. Chinese tourists consider a lot of things before choosing a hotel, one is safety. Most Chinese travellers are going abroad for the first time check more here


HOtel China

  • The number of rooms :

China will soon exceed the USA in number of room. And between now to 2039, the number of hotel rooms will have a 4-fold increase, a situation announcing a strong growth for the next years.


  • Growing cities

In China, hotels are now attracted by second and third-rate cities, but also by some cities like Yunnan who are more and more touristic. The principal purpose is to answer to Chinese and foreign demand.


In 2025, Chinese market will be the number one in the hotels field

  • The digital opportunities

Application CHINA

Concerning tourism and the digital, growth perspectives are impressive. The application « Qunar » which is very popular in China, has 60 million mobile users and allows to access to more than 1250 travel agencies, 125 000 flights and more than 450 000 hotels. Also, the third of the flight tickets are selled through smartphones in China

  • E-Commerce – ebooking Opportunities

In 2015, China should be the first e-commerce market in front of the United States. Amazed by chinese market data and the quick change of function and services, the tourism CEO’s are convinced that it’s a necessity to look out the emergence of new trends in China because they could show what is coming in Europe soon.

see also BIC or Marketing2China

  • Social media in China

Application in China

In China, all is very quick and especially in Shanghai. Concerning instant messaging, Chinese are the best in the world since the creation of a unique application that owns in 2015 more than 600 million users : WeChat. This success can be explained by the presence of the brands in the application that allows users to interact with them.

See more information about Social Media in China here and here.


  • Internet


In 2015, there is more than 750 million internet users in China, so it’s strategic for the tourism sector to be present and active where they live, where they learn, where they interact and where they choose their next travels. Developping the notoriety throug travel agencies, Tour Operators, traditionnal medias and events are not enough to give efficient results, especially for new entrants on the market : there is now a strong necessity to be present on the digital.


  • Smartphones


Chinese are so addict to their Smartphones and they like to share pictures of their travels online. On each shared picture, you can find a potential visibility. That is why tourism chains (hotels, travel agencies…) suggest to their clients to develop a viral marketing policy. More information here


  • Digital strategy in China


The winners of today and of the future on the tourism market are the ones who implement a real digital strategy to grab all the opportunities, and they are as big as the size and the growth dynamic of the chinese market.

More informations about Tourism Marketing in China, click  here , here or here.


If you have any question please ask us… 🙂

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  2. Interesting to know that there are so much opportunities in China! It’s good to know that there are so many rooms in China. 10 years ago, there are not so many tourists in China. It’s interesting to know how the world change.

  3. Very interesting article on the opportunities of the Chinese market. Luxury shops and restaurants are very pleased to attract new Chinese tourists because they spend more than other countries .. Because of the taxes, the prices of luxury goods are muchs expensive in China than in overseas, this is why the Chinese prefer to spend a lot of money in luxury brands abroad than in China.

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