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Introduction of How to sell in China

Understand the competition in our market

Before starting an e-commerce business in China, you must check if your potential brand name has been used.  One must also be aware of the competition present in the market that you are targeting. You must segment the market, target a certain client base with similar characteristics and then position your brand to tie in with the targetted customer base.



The SEO strategy on Baidu and Taobao

Your SEO strategy has to be at the very beginning of your e-commerce project.

It is an inevitable step that you must carefully carry out because it will determine your website’s level of traffic. You might ask a specialist company to design your SEO strategy, as it’s a tricky and technical process.


Understand social media

You must know all of the social media used in China and know how to use them to gain an advantage in the market.

Which one will I start to use first? What is the function of every social media?

 Chinese spend a lot of time on Social media



Understand Chinese consumers

If you want to target the Chinese consumers specifically, it’s essential to know that most of them don’t really trust in advertising, so they mainly rely on online reviewers’ comments. These comments represent a more significant promotional tool.



Adapt your content

You have to adapt your product in the Chinese market. The goal is to customize your brand image to appeal to Chinese customers.



Be aware of the law

In every country, you must respect legislation and government regulations, whilst complying with the authorities. Depending on which kind of business you are going to run, there are different processes that you have to know. This might appear to be excessive, but if you break the law in China, you won’t be able to run your business.



Set the goal of your e-commerce business

Decide with your team what the main goal of your e-commerce business is.

Why have you decided to start an e-commerce business? What is your goal?


Build the project plan

As a team project, you will have to set up your e-commerce business very clearly. It is a really important because the layout and infrastructure of an e-commerce site will be the difference between customers buying your product/service and browsing elsewhere. The internet is a place where supply is plentiful and customers have an array of options available. Therefore, the website needs to be flawless to maintain the customer’s attention. It’s no use rushing your website as it will only hinder you in the long run.



In order to anticipate any resources that you might need or the budget that you will probably invest, you have to know what financial resources and working capital you have available.




Build the architecture of your website. You will have to think of all the computer systems and software that you want to use for your e-commerce platforms. See also Technology makes Chinese life easier

What kind of operations do you need to set up on your website?


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  2. Great article Marketingtochina, How to start an e-commerce website in China ? What budget (minimum Budget) you advise for an independant Resellers website in China?

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