Before going into a more detailed explanation about strategies to succeed on Chinese social media, there are some relevant several points to note about the social networks ‘use by Chinese. How Chinese are using social networks? Chatting, buying, playing and now for more professional reasons. What is actually a fair representation of what a person is doing in  everyday life, this is what explains the success of Chinese social networks.

10 effective strategies on Chinese social Media


Chinese social networks cover most of these panels, there are some giants of these social networks such as WeChat, Weibo and QQ. Here is a brief summary of those three giants:

  • WeChat belongs to the large group of Tencent, which started to be an application for dating, but turned out to be a very influential social tool and professional one.
  • Weibo belongs to Sina Corporation which is more focused on creating contents and sharing information than a social discussion tool.
  • QQ also belongs to Tencent and as WeChat is a social tool and content sharing.

But how as a brand can break into the Chinese social networks?

1) A relevant content

The content of your posts on social networks is becoming more and more important. Consumers are getting tired of those advertising and commercial banners, you have to differentiate your brand from the others. That is what will make the user click or not on the post, like or dislike and share it or not with its contacts.

In order to turn all these points in a positive way, you must create relevant content, catching user’s attention. Therefore do not bore your audience with too much text, figures or incomprehensible details. Build a storytelling around your post with videos, pictures.

We are not only talking about quality but also about quantity

2) QR Code

QR code

The QR code (Quick Response Code) has revolutionized the relation between the online and offline mode. QR codes are very present, especially in the Chinese market, they are giving you payment facilities, adding some friends on social networks such as WeChat, or even refer to a promotional page of a brand.

The processing idea of ​​the QR code is : Make your user scan, engage and measure the results obtained.

3) The revolution of O2O

The Online to Offline is invading and revolutionizing the Chinese market. Everything seems more simplified with advanced technology digital tools, you pay online and then you can get your product in physical stores. Is it reminding you the famous concept of “brick and mortar”, right?


The QR code is an effective tool to connect the world of Internet to the real world. This is increasingly part of  Chinese everyday life.

The new Zhifubao revolutionary payment method is actually bringing out all the features of O2O which is integrated to Chinese people life.

4) Online Branding

Your brand image is essential to be appreciated among Chinese Internet users. If you do not have a fairly significant notoriety on the Web, Chinese consumers will probably be more mistrustful and therefore will be not so inclined to head for your brand. In China, in word of mouth works particularly well and big brands are more likely to attract Chinese people, because everything is a matter of trust. But that does not mean you cannot build your brand image, for example if you show that you are an expert in a field, Chinese people will trust you if you have a certified baidu account it can also give them more confidence into your brand. About branding, it is above all understanding Chinese culture and its specificities.

5) Create a community

It is about creating a community around your page and your shared content. It should attract the target that you are interested in by bringing them together around a specific topic, and will inspire your community to interact together and strengthen this spirit of belonging to your brand.


6) Create a Buzz

The Chinese are big fans of Buzz and interesting information on brands and their campaigns. Even if the campaigns turned out to be negative or positive for the brand, they will be popular among users. You have to find the buzz that catch people’s attention and engages this viral side spreading all over social media.

But be careful to the buzz that goes wrong as with BreadTalk and its famous mouse found in the windows. Other brands like Uniqlo with the buzz of the couple having sex in the changing rooms, has instead makes another brand profitable such as hotels 7Days.

Other Street Marketing buzz get digital resonnance online, like this traditional wedding event to promote the wedding exhibition of Chongching. This event will apply for a listing in the Guinness book of World Records as the largest wedding of its kind.

buzz China



7) Use KOL

The Key Opinion Leaders are a way to raise traffic and audience quickly on your brand. Influencers present on the Chinese web and stars … etc. their image and their opinions do sell. But be careful do not rest your whole campaign on KOL, it is a way to bring more audience, but it’s not the only one, you have to complete it with other tools.

Example of Influencial account on Wechat in Wine Industry. 

wechat Wine


8) Be creative and innovative

If you want your audience to be captivated by your posts and content, you must be creative and innovate to attract your targeted audience. Try to be interactive with users and to give them the impression that you care about their needs and expectations and that you can understand what they need.

Each week and each month try to innovate by offering competitions, games or even “incentive sharing” by encouraging your members to share some content in exchange for a reward.


9) Understanding the needs of Chinese consumers

You have to understand Chinese customers’ habits and their way of life. It is pretty different from Western people’s needs and cultures. Understanding Chinese way of thinking and buying is one of the key to lead your marketing campaign to success in Chinese market. check this article for more information.

10) Loyalty of your members

It is extremely difficult to retain Chinese customers because what works now, do not necessarily work in a year. Moreover every year there are new brands that are really competitive and replace others. As a brand, you must try to find the idea that will hook your consumers as long as possible.

But do not make the same as the men who has cooked noodles with opium in order to increase customer’s loyalty, there are other ways. If you already master all the tools described above, then you are in the right way.

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