China is very well known for the great variety of wonders and oddities you may fight along the way should you be visiting this big country. Copies of already existing monuments, people doing extraordinary things or incredible success stories.

Check out the 10 craziest hotels you may find in China.

They are big, odd, old fashion but very all bizarre.


  • Tianzi Hotel in Yanjiao



Tianzi, in chinesemeans son of the sky. This huge hotel of 416 meters high built in 2001 is located in Yanjiao, in the Hebei province.  He embodies the Taoist gods: Fu the god of hapiness, Lu the god of prosperity and Shou the longevity one.

It’s an example of a real Chinese style hotel.


  • Love Hotel in Shanghai



In a Japanese style, the Love Hotel in Shanghai, reproduces a stimulating environment for the couples.

  • An hotel on the great wall



It’s the only hotel which will allows you to sleep on the great wall and enjoy amazing views. This place is a must go for lovers.


  • The Batman’s hotel in Taiwan



I’m sure that every Batman’s fans has already dream to be in his favorite movie character’s shoes. In Taiwan, you’ll be able to drive the Batmobile, visit the Batcave or sleep in the manor. This hotel proves that dreams can come true sometimes!

  • The Songjiang Hotel


This 4 stars hotel built in an old open pit mine of 100 meters deep, offers 400 luxury rooms to its clients. His green roof was built following specials geothermalenergy rules. The design was conceptualized by Atkins (an architect company) which has decided to play around the water theme and imagined waterfalls and aquariums everywhere, inside and outside the hotel.

  • The capsule Hotel in Shanghai



If you decide to impersonate Bruce Willis in “The fifth element ” movie, you have to at least book a capsule in this hotel. Every room is 110 centimeters wide, 220 centimeters long and is equipped with TV and wifi.  You’ll have to spend 28 yuans per hours or 88 yuans per night for a stay in this hotel. It’s quite expensive compare to others hotels in China and even more when we know that the showers are shared but it’s something that you have to do once, just for fun.

  • Haitang Bay Resort in Sanya



An hotel with an underwater restaurant for the enjoyment of young and old alike. During your meal you can stare at the fish that will swim above your head.

  • The Langham Place in Guangzhou



This impressive hotel with an amazing architecture, full of beautiful discrepancy, offers beautiful views of the Pearl River.


  • The piano hotel in Huainan



  • The Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort



One of the most glamorous hotel in China with an impressive inside, including a Swarovski chandelier and marble floors. Everything is done to invite the clients to serenity and calm.

These hotels are indeniably sights to behold and places to go, at least once. Which one would you choose to go first? Leave a comment 😉

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