1.5 million viewers for Patrick the Chinese one man show!

A French in China

Patrick the Chinese, a French humorist who performed successfully in Paris this summer decided to do better and go to China this time.

He went to Shanghai this summer and was noticed on the Bund with a buzzing video on the Chinese internet.


Patrick alias Bai ma ge(白马哥 in simplified Chinese) visited one of the most well-known tourist places in China, the Bund in Shanghai to be photographed with all Chinese passersby.

A “few” comments :

The internet penetration rate in China is very high with 618 million Internet users, the event was widely publicized and generated many comments. Here are some of them below :

comments baimageEnglish short

The word got around pretty fast about Baimage. Overall, the video posted on 56.com has been viewed as many times as 1.14million times and generated more than 1,500 comments

Patrick le chinois

Weibo of Patrick the Chinese

Patrick the Chinese history: How it all started

It all started with a joke

Following a comment from a friend of his, Patrick Veisselier, he decided to do a show for the Chinese community in Paris. The only problem was he did not speak Chinese when he decided to embark on this risky bet.

He decided to learn Chinese phonetically, and give several performances show at the Palace in Paris this year

After a double success in France, our Chinese French ( French or Chinese? ) Went to meet his audience in their home country to try it out.

More information about Chinese Patrick:

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