Why Chinese Like Red Wine?

Why Chinese Like Red Wine?

The Chinese Prefer red wine

China, a country without tradition of drinking wine is consuming 1.2 billion bottles of wine in 2012. The reason of why Chinese like wine so much confuse many people.

Chinese Prefer Red Wine


China wine exporter

Wine market in China


China wine is a brand new product. Despites its present in the chinese market for several years , the wine’s consumption remains quite low with 0.3L per capita per year, and mainly red wine.

Ahhh you haven’t been told ? The Chinese prefer red. Let me tell you why.


The symbolism of colors




Red is a very positive color in Chinese ‘s culture. It is synonymous of wealth, happiness, luck, power and romance.

Red is also the color of the national flag of China.

In the business world, wealth, power and luck are core values. So red wine will be found in banquets for toast (Ganbei) between partners.

For Marriage red wine is seen as something that brings both happiness and romance. People are increasingly replacing the baijiu (white wine) by the Hongjiu (red wine)

A higth consumption of wine is made in restaurants and bars.

Men wishing to seduce their target will play the red wine card .

When it comes to white wine it has rather negative connotations for most of the population. It could symbolize sadness or even mourning.
But the main problem lies in white wine being called baijiu which creates a confusion with rice alcohol which is very strong and hated by a large portion of the population.


The influence of television


Red wine is more and more on TV, and often associated with the image of the perfect  way of life  with wealthy families,  beautiful heroins, honest businessmen …). If the hero wants to seduce the heroine often they are often seen in a restaurant with a glass of red wine.

This is why chinese girls prefer red wine, associated with romance, elegance and passion.

In these soap operas toasts are often made with red wine.


Grape’s color




Red wine is made from grape and some Chinese have difficulty imagining that we can get white or rosé wine from red grapes.
So red wine is perceived as more traditional and more biological.



Chineses brands produce mainly red wine.


The 3 main wine manufacturers in China namely Changyu Dynasty and Greatwall communicate mainly on red wine. Thus, chineses have a better understanding of red wine.

90% of the whole population drinks wine made in China. Most of the advertising budgets are of chinese local brands.



   .Cabernet Sauvignon Chinese


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Chinese wine consumers are quite specific, businessman, government, or white-collar workers



Written by Olivier

Olivier, Passionnated about Marketing and Chine. Already 30 years old and 6 years spending in China. I share my analysis about China, for almost 4 years via my french Blog marketing-chine.com.


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