SEO agency in China

SEO agency in China

SEO in China: the best way to increase your business

Optimise the position of your key words in Chinese can bring more visitors on your website and more visitors => more business.


SEO China

Who need SEO?

SEO is helpful for everybody who wants to develop his business in China. According to a report from th UN Broadband Commission, the number of Chinese speaking netizens has exceeded 500 million in 2011 and it will surpass English speaking netizens in 2015 as estimated.

It means that 1 in 4 netizens worldwide are Chinese-speakers, so it’s important to show your products to them when they search on Baidu or Google. Survey also shows that 90% buyers use searching engines to get information.


Searching engines in China

Baidu and Google are the first choices of SEOer in China.


Search engine share in China


This chart gives a breakdown on the number of users on searching engines, Baidu is still number one in the market, with 64.5% of the users, the second one, 360, who launched its own searching engine in August, has already taken hold of 10.2% users. Following is Google and Sogou.
Since 360 is newly-launched and unstable, Baidu and Google are still the most effective engines for SEO.


Keywords selection

The selection of the good keywords is the key to the success of SEO. Due to the linguistic features of Chinese, there can be many different expressions your Chinese customers may use to describe the same products or service. What we will do to solve this is to make a study on the keywords first to ensure that potential customers can find your from the keywords selected.


Content optimization

The SEO service we offer doesn’t only focus on the ranking of the keywords, but also on the quality of the content. Quality content helps greatly let visitors make a call or send email to you.


China seo


Project management

The SEO strategies changes all the time, for example the frequent changes of Google algorithm, so for keeping the result of SEO work, we always pay close attention to the latest change and trend in SEO and make adjustment accordingly.


Cost efficient solution

SEO can bring visitors to your website as well as building a brand image because Chinese netizens tend to trust and like those websites with better ranking on the natural searching result.

Besides SEO, we have also PPC marketing, social media promotion, PR service, KOL campaign and buzz marketing in our package of service.


SEo China


We offer SEO in China, mainly on Baidu and And the others are more or less the copy of the algorithm of these two.

Between Google and Baidu, Baidu SEO is mroe difficult, requiring more time and resources for a stable result while it can bring you the most potential customers. View article about Baidu SEO


You can send us an email marketingtochina (at) and we can speak together if you have a serious project.

Written by Philip

Philip passionated about Marketing and Web, I like to share with to International Marketers my knowledge about Chinese Market. I am a citizen of the world and my dream is to dicover the world. I really appreciate people who interact with my article, exchange different point of view.


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  5. Berry GELDER · February 13, 2013

    I am a great admirer of Olivier Verot’s efforts to “make China easy”. His open minded approach to the way a great variety of products have succeeded reaching Chinese consumers is of genuine interest and are well written.
    With his view on SEO marketing he goes one step further, making it even more tempting to know more about his way of working and the case studies he is promoting.
    Well done, friend.

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    Very Interesting Article Philip. 🙂

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    Hello Philip,

    We have a project to developp our SEO for our Website based in France about Fashion Items.
    I already Send you an email with our requierement.

    Please Check

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