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Lesson From McDonald’s Crisis PR

McDonald’s PR crisis . What we can learn from McDonald’s crisis PR . picture of China Daily : Mac Do’s Food is past of date  for consumption . The first lesson: speed As a reverse side case, McDonald’s was put on CCTV consumers’ rights protection party . Among all the companies exposed, it’s the first one gave the response. Less than one hour later, MCD made their response on their official weibo account. And its announcement appeared on weibo: (Translation: the violation operation exposed by CCTV in Sanlitun McDonald’shas arisen our official attention. We will investigate this separate event...

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0 fans ≠ 0 weibo marketing

0 fans ≠ 0 weibo marketing No fans on weibo account is a nightmare for all weibo marketing agencies. However, 0-fan weibo account can be more influential than those accounts with hundreds of thousands of fans. A weibo marketer“天风TF” has conducted a test recently. 1. Preparation He creates a new account, let’s call it A account. “A” account is totally new with no fans and “B” account is a big account with 500 thousand fans. Then they put the same video with different strategy. 2. Result One day after they put the same video, B account gets 8 700 VV while A gets 17 000 almost twice the former one. 3. Analysis How can a big account defeated by a fresh account? B account is more focused mottos not funny video, so the keywords for B account is not funny. On the contrary, A account is much more flexible can adapt everything even changing account name for this video. The fans of B account are mostly white-collar females who don’t pay a lot of attention to funny stuff. On the other hand, A account published this video in a group which consists of video-lovers. B account published the video in the afternoon when most its fans are working. At the same time, the video from A account is being viewed by those video lovers who check weibo all the...

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The Difference Between Chinese And Western Meat Processing Machine Manufacturers

In meat processing factories in China, about 50% of the machines are imported. What is the difference between Chinese manufacturers and their counterpart from western countries. Western companies: More organized market, with cooperation and competition Strong R&D team More focus on efficiency, environment-friendliness and automation level Reliable quality and human-oriented design Chinese companies:   Low R&D level Production scale is small and focus more on cost-control and fast capital turnover Weak IPR protection Out-of-date fabrication machine It can be foreseen that local machines will increase both quality and price. For imported machines, they have also more opportunities because: Most imported machines in this booming industry were more than 20 years old. Now it’s the time to upgrade them. With the appreciation of the RMB, the local meat processing companies get stronger purchasing power which means the they can accept higher price. (Source: Nongji Wang) More information about China...

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Weibo Marketing ≠ Weibo Billboard

The purpose of Weibo marketing is not to turn company weibo account into a billboard. There are over 1000 foreign companies have opened their official weibo account. However, many of them just use weibo as an micro-bulletin for them instead of a platform. They just put some dreary company news on it like they invent a new product, or have some government people visit them… However, they forget the essence of weibo, to build a community. Not ignoring interaction. In the following case, an Italian company put news about its construction project and Italian embassy on its company account. It can hardly get fans, needless to say customers from its Weibo. The problem of this account is: Its content is not attractive Its weibo account doesn’t spread good image to visitors People cannot find it unless they search for it by name because this company doesn’t work on SEO or weibo group marketing Another company use its weibo account as a 100% billboard.      ...

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Online Marketing in China Strategy: 1+1>2

The same information put on 2 different website is more trustful than the information put on 1 website twice. Some companies don’t care about other SNS platforms and believe only weibo is enough. If they only use weibo they will probably meet the problems: a)The information from different platforms are usually different without control  which will confuse potential customers. For example, if you search “十大乳胶漆品牌” ( top 10 latex paint brand) on Baidu, you will get different lists as follows: the list on the left is from youqiwang; the other is from maigoowang Some customers put questions online after getting confused, like the following one:...

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