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Meipai Marketing

Meipai: Interact With Your Customers in Real-time In China, there are various social networks with a focus on different functions. Weibo is China’s most popular we-media platform, similar to Twitter. WeChat is China’s most popular chatting app that also offers the function of a news feed, ability to pay, book cinema tickets, flights, etc. For short videos, Meipai might be the most popular platform in China. It usually has 250 million daily views. Some people even think Meipai is the leading Chinese mobile video platform. And it might be, thanks to Weibo. The two have now linked to each other, which has given Meipai stable...

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Meet the Happiness with Didi , emotional Advertising campaign for China

Back to Metropolis, Meet the Happiness In May last year, “ Internet Cab Booking” became popular in the cab market. It seems just a service that provide cab booking online. However, in the past years, this phenomenon starts the trends about sharing economy service in Chinese consumption market. The slogan of DIDI, the Chinese hottest car booking App, which is “滴滴一下, 美好出行Click DIDI, Make your Journey Wonderful” became the most familiar new lifestyle. DIDI is evaluated as 255 billion RMB and it gonna meet 300 millions demand on online car booking service. Didi in China *This is why people say that the...

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Papi Jiang is Running with New Balance China

Last time the popular comedy video celebrity Ms. Papi’ was recruited for advertising was as the spokesperson for Jaeger-LeCoultre. But this morning, New Balance China has launched a new campaign with Ms Papi featured running in New Balance trainers. New Balance in China This is the first marketing campaign for New Balance after  the 2017 Spring Festival, it revolves around the topic “a letter to my future”, they use the story of how Ms. Papi came to study, grow and excel in Beijing 12 years ago. “Although I didn’t experience any difficult or hurtful things, I always think I need and I can do something. But I never...

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Development of Eye & Vision Clinics in China

Development of Eye & Vision Clinics in China, Hamburg-based centre brings accuracy and artfulness to the eye surgery field in China. Introduction EuroEyes is one of Germany’s biggest free eye surgery clinical gatherings and among the first to set up a facility in China, giving specific remedial surgery to refractive vision blunders. The gathering covers the full range of refractive surgery from laser to focal point medications, empowering the revision of myopia, farsightedness, waterfalls, presbyopia – the loss of the capacity to center very close that accompanies maturing – and other regular burdens of the eye. The organization is claimed...

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Wine & Spirits Brands’ Strategies for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the occasion for brands to adapt their communication and their packaging to the joyful spirit of this period in China. 2017 is under the sign of the Fire Rooster and different wines and spirits producers used this symbol in a very creative way.   1. Wine from ” La Vieille Ferme “ Launched by the Perrin family and distributed in China since 1995, La Vieille Ferme wines can by recognized thanks to their label, on which a chicken and a rooster are drawn. It was then the perfect opportunity for the year of the Fire Rooster...

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