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In China, the company’s brand in very important. If you live in Shanghai, a typical day is : your drink a cup of Starry Hope at Starbuck, you check you e-mails on your Samsung before goign to your office in your BMW. And afterwork, you dring a fresh bottle of Budweiser. Branding Advertising Agency in China Actually, when in Europe these brands are common and don’t really evoke something speical, in China, they are everything. Coming to China with a known brand makes the tings more easy, but in Chinese, it’s more difficult because of de diffult language, different dialects,...

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Interview of Isabelle Patissier, climbing & Rallye world Champion

Today,  we interview Isabelle Patissier, a woman with a incredible career…     Hi Isabelle, could you present yourself ? My name is Isabelle Patissier, i am born in Lyon and i had the chance to learn climbing from my childhood, but also to the mountains and ski. Climbing immediatly became a passion, and then my work during 10 years… After that, I launched a secon passion, the automobile sport, and more especially the rallye-raid, with its mystic ride, the « Paris-Dakar rally ». Your story I was part of the French climbing team during 10 years, I have been world champion...

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Social Media : a revolution for Chinese e-tourism !

Social Media : a revolution for e-tourism ! A new e-travel agency generation appeals young Chinese tourists WeChat, Chinese social media platform, is quickly become the main marketing platform for a new e-travel agency generation, with particularly Sanfo-outdoor, and Tianxing Outdoors. The growing popularity of these digital agencies is reflecting of an evolution in consumers’ behavior, whose are young Chinese tourists, educated with social media. Currently, these e-travel agencies published on these social media, particularly on WeChat, some basics information, such as travel detailed itineraries, touristic information and clothes advices according to the destination. After reading the post,...

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Baidu Pay Per click : Top 5 strategies to success

How to use Pay Per Click on Baidu search engine? The aim to conquer the Chinese market is really good. But to know how making that, this is much better. This article will give you the keys of success, with some advices about PPC (Pay Per Click) on Baidu in China.   Chinese are the most connected, everywhere, every time and especially by Smartphone. They use also their smartphone to purchase online. These buyers will prefer to use the application’s search engine, already installed in their phone rather than on computers. More than just a phenomenon, Social Media are...

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WeChat Best Social Practices : report 2016

WeChat Best Practices report   A WeChat report was published in december of this year on chinese website, showing behavior and performance of 3.485 wechat public account in 18 industry sectors between July 1st andSeptember 30. These sectors are automobiles, banks, ecommerce, smartphone, luxury, beauty, personnal care, home appliance… Unfortunately, this website seems now closed. However, we succeed to save some datas such as graphics by screenshots on website.   This report is showing that 133 post has been published every hours, whether 3.198 per day, and 98.059 per month.   WeChat Public Account are posting generaly more...

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