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What is the Future of Weibo in China with New investment ?

Weibo  catapulted higher by 18% to 99.04 on the stock market today, its highest level since August 2011. Sina Weibo reported first-quarter earnings before the market open that topped analyst estimates, causing shares to surge out of buy range. Also leaping higher was microblog site Weibo, which is majority owned by Sina. Weibo easily beat analyst forecasts, sending shares soaring by 25% to close at 78.60 after reporting first-quarter results before the market open. via Investopedia   Prior to Weibo’s 2014 IPO, Alibaba took an 18% stake in Weibo to compete with rival Tencent Holdings and its WeChat messaging service. Weibo in China Weibo, one the Chinese most...

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Baidu new Algorythm to Protect the Information Safety of Chinese Netizens

 Recently, to change the gradually worse situation of internet information safety, Baidu used its own advanced technology promote an action that ‘clean the internet’. They have did their best to stop the steal of users’ personal information in internet black market. Nowadays, the automatic inspection and processing are working very well, when the system find the illegal code inside the business account, the problem account will be off-line directly. Baidu Use Newest Technology Fight the Dim Side of Internet Environment to Protect the Information Safety of Netizens Recently, to change the gradually worse situation of internet information safety, Baidu used...

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How To Identify Consumer Behavior of Chinese On WeChat

Any marketing and promotional campaign will struggle to achieve success without a proper understanding of the behavior of the market and its consumers. WeChat allows businesses in China to promote their ides, products, services and business to millions of Chinese people. Here is the guide to understanding the behavior of WeChat users so that you can run a more effective marketing campaign on this platform. WeChat Demography & Users’ Characteristics There are 700 million month to month dynamic WeChat clients and 55% of them have more than 100 companions. So that speaks to a tremendous group associated. In this manner, we comprehend...

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Baidu launched a “Skynet Algorithm” to Stop the Phenomenon of the Theft of Users’ Personal Information

Baidu wants to protect its users A common concern in Chinese internet users is “when I open a website, the related company could find out my personal information, such as my QQ and contact number, then I’ll be contacted by them”. This may seem a little drastic, but it is actually  becoming a common situation, where a users’ private information (without their permission), is leaked to a company, which should not happen. How can we stop this situation occuring? Is there any way that users can protect their privacy completely? Recently, Baidu found that some websites were stealing users private information online. Most of them do this by setting up malicious codes to gain netizen’s...

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INFAT – Advanced Lipid The Most Trusted Brand in Chinese Infant Formula Market

Advanced Lipids is a joint venture of AAK and Enzymotec. They are seen as a reliable, high-value partner to the infant formula industry. INFAT (which is manufactured and marketed by Advanced Lipid) is a specialized fat ingredient for infant formulas,  which has been proven in the market for more than a decade. Advanced Lipid combines Enzymote’s clinical know-how in lipid technologies with AAK’s international strength in food safety, production and logistics. This ensures they can offer customers a uniquely comprehensive and effective solution when using their products.   In promoting INFAT, Advanced Lipids actually have done very well in international markets. They make partners with...

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