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Furniture Market in China

    China is the new leader in the world’s furniture industry The boom in the furniture market is because of the continuous growth in the Chinese economy happening over the last 30 years. This economic growth has also increased the purchasing power of the Chinese people, and led to an improved living standard. Thus, the demand for furniture supplies has increased more than ever. According to statistics presented by the China National Furniture Association, an increase of 25.28% is seen in 2011 as compared to 2010 in the terms of the furniture output. This percentage equates to US $83.16...

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Top 10 destinations for Chinese tourists, and why?

Yes! The fact is China’s GDP has been slowing for the past few years, but Chinese Tourists continue to show their huge potential in terms of their traveling expenditure. China has been the world’s largest outbound market since 2012 with a total expenditure of 104.5 billion US dollars in 2015. If you want to have a share and capitalize on this Chinese tourist market, you need to know, ” What are the Chinese travellers favourite locations? And why do they choose these places? “. The following article will  talk about the top 10 destinations for Chinese tourists and the main reasons behind the...

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WeChat launches their new local advertising

WeChat, the leading social networks in China did not have the perfect solution for advertising until last week… Tencent’s team have tried many ways but most of their solutions were not so effective for companies and brands.   Geo targetting advertising campaign Last week , Tencent develop a new way to connect shops and consumers. Geolocalized Ad campaigns on Wechat moments Example: The minimum advertising fees have changed from 50 000 yuans to 300 yuan. The geotargeting Ads on WeChat Moments currently supports over 300 cities in China including over 4 000...

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Travel Agencies in China : 5 reasons to work with Gentlemen

Thanks to rising disposable incomes and the relaxation of outbound travel restrictions, China has become one of the top, fastest growing growing outbound travel markets in the world. In 2015 alone, Chinese outbound tourists spent $215 billion according to World Travel & Tourism Council, this is a 53% increase from 2014 where $140 billion was spent. Chinese tourists have continually proved their great potential and continually high purchasing power despite the slow-down of China’s economic growth. Travel Agencies in China : 5 reasons to work with Gentlemen Many travel agencies around the world want to join this huge potential Chinese outbound tourism market even though the...

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Top 10 Mobile Apps in China

Let me guess! You are currently using your cell phone to read this article. Am I right?  About 2 billion people use smartphones across the world, more than 50 % the users relying on them every day in every moment. After the invention of the smartphone, there comes the world of Apps (Application software). There are millions of apps now created and displayed in the app stores on Android/IOS. However, the apps you are familiar with are very different from those on offer in China. The app market is China is very special because of the Chinese government’s regulations and policies. It developed...

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