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Why do Chinese consumers buy International Brands ?

The choice of purchasing a foreign brand in China is key, it comes with a higher price tag but is a byword for quality and greater levels of trust. The Chinese consumers are second to none in this category. China’s economy has grown enormously in the past 3 decades. This can be attributable to many factors. The rapid industrialization that has occurred in China has contributed to the state’s economic improvements. As a result of this there has been tremendous increase in the average household income, urban living trends and better education facilities. Chinese consumers are getting wealthier fast. More and...

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5 ways to deal with Chinese real estate buyers

Few companies have been successful with Chinese buyers. We work Chinese property  investors and help them to connect with real estate businesses. We provide a strategic entry point to some of the best Chinese portals that are important for investors and also provide instructions on maintaining control over discussions. There was a 60 percent increase last year in foreign applications to purchase Australian residential property as well as an amazing increase in the value of approved applications by 75 per cent. According to a report by the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) mostly this investment has been done by Chinese property investors. In spite of a number of limitations that were...

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The explosion of online shopping websites in China, how far will it go?

In 2016, e-commerce in China is a very huge and important market. We’ll give you some figures concerning the year 2015. 589 billion dollars were spent in e-commerce in China and 60% of Chinese Internet users have made at least one online purchase. In China, the phenomenon of e-commerce is so important that it employs 2.5 million people. The Chinese e-commerce market has been experiencing very strong growth for several years. China has surpassed the United States in terms of the size of its e-commerce market. Arguably e-commerce in China is the fastest growing industry of the world and it is now the...

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How to generate interest from Chinese cosmetics distributors

Branding is everything in the Chinese cosmetics industry In such a big market like the cosmetics industry in China, distributors mainly work on reputation just like the Chinese do. If you want to get the interest from one of your distributors, you should first work on your image and raise your brands notoriety. Business is business Chinese distributors are only thinking about profit, if your products do not meet the requirements they have set up to achieve this, they will forget your brand and your products. With the size of the cosmetics market in China, there is harsh competition and...

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Baidu Optimization Guide : SEO / SEM

Baidu SEO: Get yourself exposed to more than 700 million internet users in China Table of Content   Introduction Baidu SEO guidelines Keys to modifying your Baidu SEO China’s Unique Internet System Conclusion   Introduction Please allow me to begin everything with a question, “When you think of China, what do you think of?” The vast geographical scale of the land, the huge population or the great wall. China to everyone in the world means something different but we still can find some patterns related to key words like big, huge, and great. From a business perspective, China means possibility and opportunity. In such a massive...

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