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Guide to Understanding the Mobile App World in China

China: a unique Internet landscape Facebook is blocked, Twitter isn’t permitted, and Google is a thing of the past. No, we’re not talking about the social media apocalypse. Let me give you a hint. We are talking about a country where the 91 percent of the nation’s citizens visit the social media sites, compared to 67 percent in the US. The country is at the top in the telecom world, with 82 percent mobile penetration and 42 percent internet penetration. Yes, we are talking about China. You guessed it right. The reason behind this is that a couple of years back,...

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Social Networks Trends in China (2017)

  The Chinese online Social networking scene moves quick – and on the off chance that you haven’t been focusing intently, there’s a considerable measure you’ve missed. New stages have flown up, while principle players including Alibaba and Tencent have combined their energy. When all is said in done, China’s social scene is included in advancements in video, engagement and installment that have developed contrastingly and quicker than anything in the West. The common sense of Chinese web-based social networking is unmatched because of the profound incorporation of installment arrangements and administrations, for example, Alibaba’s Alipay and Tencent’s Tenpay....

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The Most Efficient Way Of Travelling To Europe For Chinese People

The Chinese overseas tourist market is thriving, with the BBC reporting previously that the Chinese have become the single greatest source of global tourism income after spending over $100 billion while travelling abroad in 2012. The start of 2015 also saw over 100 million outbound Chinese tourists, which say the European market benefit significantly from this. The impressive rate seen in the growth of tourist expenditure in China really reflects the direction of the Chinese economy. There is an expanding number of middle class Chinese people with higher disposable incomes and with a greater desire for international good, products...

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Advertising in China (2017)

Advertising Guide in China in 2017 Gentlemen Marketing Agency present to you the Advertising Guide in China for 2017     Screen Domination In The World Of Advertisements: Copyrighting Issue in China. Some Facts About Market Of Advertising: Smart Advertisement. Video Advertisement Content Marketing. Viral Online Marketing. Paid Online Ads. Social Media. Targets Of Smart Online Advertisement Mobile Advertisement In China. SMS Marketing: Ads on mobile marketing: Old School Still Exist. Fusion of Old and New Advertising Let s first discover advertising Best Ads  these previous years Advertisement in China seems easy due to its huge population and technological...

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Baidu Marketing Guide 2017

  BAIDU MARKETING GUIDE 2017   Introduction China is not only the most crowded nation on the planet but certainly also a very advanced country in terms of science and technology. For businesses both inland and international, or anybody with an association in the computerized world; China should not be neglected. However, when we consider China we think about complexity, internet censorship, language difficulties, cultural differences etc.  This is a place where more than 640 million web clients continually interact during an ever-changing process of advancement and development presenting endless opportunity for businesses and customers alike. China, unlike most Asian countries, doesn’t rely...

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