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How to attract Chinese tourists?

How to attract Chinese tourists? . The tourism industry is facing a major change with the boom of Chinese tourists. The figures don’t lie: 42 millions tourists in the world, 500,000 tourists in 2011 in France 4-5 million of Chinese tourists within five years They spent over 200 million euros just in Shopping alone The highest spending is € 1,500 per visitor These figures are increasing from 10 to 15% per year. . . However the majority of key players in the tourism trade can not make themselves known and do not know how to attract new travelers. Business...

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Export to China

Export to China . “How to export to China? “More and more people have now this problem, how to sell products or services to Chinese. There was a time for sourcing in China, but now it seems that the trend is changing, european and american companies are realizing that “China is not only the world’s factory ” but it is becoming a major consumer market. . . How to export “Made in Foreign Country” to China? Many SME who mostly live peacefully in Europe are faced with  the long and withend crisis, and reading the news who describe China...

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Chinese Student new wave of tourists

College Entrance Exam is the most important event for Chinese students. Before the exam, they are the most hard working student in the world. After that, they can be the most crazy tourists. Usually parents will offer their children considerable sums of money for them to spend to relax and enjoy. And many of them choose to travel. Student new wawe of Chinese tourists Students who take the College Entrance Exam this year can enjoy a 50% discount in Huangshan Park this year. In fact, not only Huangshan, but also a lot of other tourism destinations have taken actions...

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Marketing China is Social

Marketing China is Social . You can find here our facebook page : you will find crazzy buzz on chinese weibo, top news and the best of of our blog.   Marketing China   You can find us on Linkedin Our Linkedin Group . We also have a twitter...

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Louis Vuitton in China

Louis Vuitton in China . Case Study : Analysis of the success of the brand Louis Vuitton in China. . Louis Vuitton (LV) is the leading brand in luxury for the Chinese. Why and how the LMVH Group has succeed in China with a such strong brand in luxury field. . The Louis Vuitton story First Chinese consumers appreciate brands with a long history. Louis Vuitton founded his company in 1854 in Paris. Few Chinese know that the starting business of Louis Vuitton was “The Luggage”  for travelers. After an innovation : the trunk, LV has the advantage of...

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Marketing China

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