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Marketing China is Social

Marketing China is Social . You can find here our facebook page : you will find crazzy buzz on chinese weibo, top news and the best of of our blog.   Marketing China   You can find us on Linkedin Our Linkedin Group . We also have a twitter...

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Louis Vuitton in China

Louis Vuitton in China . Case Study : Analysis of the success of the brand Louis Vuitton in China. . Louis Vuitton (LV) is the leading brand in luxury for the Chinese. Why and how the LMVH Group has succeed in China with a such strong brand in luxury field. . The Louis Vuitton story First Chinese consumers appreciate brands with a long history. Louis Vuitton founded his company in 1854 in Paris. Few Chinese know that the starting business of Louis Vuitton was “The Luggage”  for travelers. After an innovation : the trunk, LV has the advantage of...

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Marketing in China where to start

Marketing in China where to start . Marketing is per definition all the actions and processes for creating, communicating, and promote offers in order to increase the value for customers, clients, partners, and society(more information: marketing) . First Step in China, you have to understand your market and start Marketing research on consumer, consummer or on your target. => Collect the information : Marketing Research   After this you have to analyse the results , to create marketing opportunities and identify  problems. Marketing is the key tools to increase your performance; and improve your process. (Marketing China) Analyse the...

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Honphone chinese smartphone for girls

Honphone chinese smartphone for girls You do not know which gift you can offer to your chinese girlfriend? No problem, just watch this video. It is the Honphone the first mobile phone 100% suitable to chinese girls. It can do everything for her, music, picture, INternet and give her make up advices.   ; , This is the video  . . Do you like it? ....

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Amnesty International (China ad)

Amnesty International (China ad) Advertising Agency: Walker, Zurich, Switzerland Creative Director: Pius Walker Amnesty International (China ad) Copywriter: Martin Arnold Art Director: Nik Hodel Design: Andrea Bissig, Signe...

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Marketing China

Marketing China is a website designed to give you a fresh and up to the minute understanding of the Chinese market.

China is a rapidly growing consumer market and more and more companies throughout the world are looking for ways to develop
marketing, branding and communication that is relevant to Chinese consumers.

The aim of this website is to inform readers about the market and provide insightful analyses

Marketing to China would like to explain Chinese Business and Marketing to the rest of the world.
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This blog is written by Olivier (French ) and Philip ( Chinese) .
We are both passionate about marketing. We come from different backgrounds and have different cultural views
which make us the ideal team to develop your interests in China.

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