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Ravishing Success of Alibaba’s economy”

Alibaba will create boom in China’s job market In Future, the E-commerce giant, “Alibaba economy” is expected to create about 122 million jobs of the total 415 million jobs available in China’s digital economy. This can be estimated to 29.4% of all the jobs available in 2035, which is equivalent to 31 million jobs available today according to BCG analysis data of Alibaba Group. Services offered by Alibaba Cloud computing and digital entertainment plays a vital part in future success of Alibaba’s business. The success rate is estimated on the basis of Alibaba’s domestic and international businesses that involves...

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What does a good SEO agency in China?

A good SEO agency is Active and provide content(in Chinese), backlinks campaign and deliver Results Ranking high on Baidu requiert a lot of Work ! You want do nothing and rank high on Baidu ? Sorry it is almost impossible !   SEO on Baidu or in or (algorythms are almost the same) If you’re aiming to reach the Chinese digital audience, it’s vital to subcontract the SEO of your business to a professional SEO agency specialized in the Chinese Market. Why? In China, the ‘mighty’ Google is blocked by the ‘Great China Firewall’. Baidu owns more than...

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Are Foreign Casinos Guilty Travel Pleasures for Chinese Tourists?

Chinese travellers have drawn-out their lead as the largest spenders globally, according to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). “With a 12 percent increase in spending, China continued to lead international outbound tourism” in 2016, according to a UNWTO recent press release. Chinese tourists spent US$261 billion on International tourism. The number of outbound Chinese travellers increased by 6 percent to 135 million in 2016. This remarkable growth positioned China as number one tourist source market in the world since 2012. The growth in International travel from China in 2016 profited many destinations in Asia and the Pacific, most notably Japan, South...

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Why Singapore isn’t cashing from Chinese tourist growth?

Singapore is a very attractive tourist destination for Chinese travellers and visits of Chinese travellers in Singapore is increasing every year but Singaporean brands, hotels, entertainment companies are not earning any benefit from this growth.  According to Singapore Tourism Boards, during first half of 2016 more than 55.2 percent of Chinese tourist visited Singapore. This followed by damp Chinese arrivals in 2015—which was an effect of Malaysian Airlines MH370 disaster in 2014 and the 2015 Southeast Asian Haze that engulfed Singapore and surrounding countries in thick smog last year. However, after a careful look at the tourism figures, it was revealed...

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New Baidu SEO updates (2017)

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China. Previously, organic search on Baidu was not considered effective due to the abundant presence of paid ads, but now change in Chinese laws has given hope to marketers to break into upcoming market again. In a recent Search Engine conference held in Beijing, hosted by engineer’s from Baidu core search and Webmaster Tool teams, three significant Baidu search engine optimization tools were highlighted. This included Baidu’s eco-empowerment strategy, Mobile Instant Page (MIP) project and 2016 algorithm updates. The eco-empowerment (thanks to the Chinese Governement ) New phenomenon in eco-empowerment aims to...

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