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360’s video get viral in China

360 is a giant of Chinese Internet, start with antivirus and create a lot of diferent services. A viral video became very popular on the net. A Chinese Girl tells a thrilling story which explains that  her  and her boyfriend recover stolen an iPhone with 360. Keywords: “asking price”, “midnight”, “undercover”, “delivery” They not only get back the phone, but also caught the thief, a thriller which can be compared to Hong Kong gangster film. Video This video was produced and distributed by WEIPAI App, and spontaneously shared by netizens in the mobile weibo and wechat. Beauty straight forward...

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Jissbon “JJ send Love Song”

Jissbon Advertising Campaign   Today we will introduce to you an interesting campaign from Jissbon, a famous brand of condoms in China. February 14, Jissbon launched an O2O interactive event in the theme of “JJ send song”. This event started in sina weibo and wechat in the meantime. Jissbon’s AD battle begun in 2014 with the theme of “Please women”. Participants were invited to sign up in event. And say a loving word for the beloved her, they won an exclusive tailored songs. Lovers express their love in marriage registration office. White-collar worker is surprise when love express arrived....

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2014, My Zodiac is MINI (China Adversting)

In addition to experience the classic MINI always worth the price does not drop the spirit of individuality, “creative geeks “MINI CLUBMAN and “bugger family” MINI COUNTRYMAN also be thrown their 2014 zodiac signs. They think it is a MINI is the coolest thing!   MINI human mind is wider, to tolerating the intolerable; MINI human rejected agenda as a mountain drove up the mountain and enjoy the intimate nature; MINI human are funny elves, but forthright.   So in 2014, you Zodiac is MINI, then the most loyal to their own. MINI promotional advertising. Even if the price...

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