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Wechat + Coca-Cola: Open a new model of cross-border mobile marketing

This time, Coca-Cola and micro-letters “together”, and with the focus to the cap from the bottle. In addition to the bottle, cap regarded as the most commonly used marketing point beverage manufacturers, such as the early years of the popular marketing campaign “Another bottle”, many brands have tried. Consumers are used to “free taste”, “special sales”, “Premium Sales” and “bottle years” and other marketing strategies. Beverage brands began to seek new strategies. In recent years, Coca-Cola in China carried out a number of innovative marketing attempts. Network platform ICOKE opened in 2005. The traditional marketing model and Internet...

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Fun with Lee Min Ho and Taobao

2014 the new Mobile Marketing Strategy of Taobao 2014-3-8: Women’s Day.  New e- commerce marketing campaign, Jingdong has already begun an advertising campaign. Ali Baba’s current marketing focuses on the phone Taobao, big market for ecommerce now in China. Alibaba signed with a Korean star: Lee Min Ho who will be the spokesperson of this year’s Taobao phone. Recently, a series of print ads and TVC has been released. Lee Min Ho status of women in China  is currently the highest, especially the impact of Korean, so that he keeps being in the minds of young Chinese women and...

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Smart : Analysis on an Event Marketing

Valentine’s Day has been a major brand marketing battleground, a simple large investment has been unable to arouse consumer‘s interest. How to accurate understanding of the balance between the hot topics and brand concept, reaching  doing big things with less money, that deserve further exploration. For Valentine’s Day Activities catch a hot topic, so spread the content of sync with the audience thinking, so that the brand fit with the event itself. The spread of content through emotional resonance to establish more humane connection. Social marketing, the sooner the better Auspicious February 14 is coming, why not advance to...

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ORBIS charity online campaign in Hong Kong

Let me introduce a great initiative using ecommerce to support charity program.   During the World Sight Day, Hong Kong ORBIS launched the “traded away the dark” campaign, calling people to donate their own black objects, or bought (traded away) to other people black things, the proceeds will be used to get relief. The video explain everything ! A vinyl record, a shirt, a keychain, an old telephone: for you they may not have value, but for others it may be a rare treasure. Why do not find a new owner for it? so that old items can be...

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DUODUO Sanitary viral video: man’s lake of knowledge

This video shows that men are not warn about this kind of products. They did an humorous video to reach the curiosity of the public. Men are curious about the women products and try to understand what is the function of those products. Procter & Gamble’s DUODUO sanitary napkins has published a viral video to help men to grow their knowledge. We can say that perhaps, the brand is humiliating the curious man with the beauty’s words “stuff is good, try to know”. The objective is to tell women to try the product and buy it after. VIDEO  ...

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