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U.S.A: Ready to welcome the new wave of Chinese tourists

Chinese Tourists Growing Beautifully China has one of the biggest numbers of tourists that come in the US every year. China’s middle class is larger than the entire population of the US and they are the world’s largest spenders when visiting the US. On average, Chinese also stay longer in the US than visitors from other countries. By 2015, the US is expected to be visited by more than 1 million visitors from China. This remarkable growth is largely due to the following: The relaxed government restrictions on foreign travel, The increase in discretionary income among China’s middle class...

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Why do Chinese People like the wine Fourcas Dupre ?

A rising fame for Chateau Fourcas Dupre in China! Last year, in China, a red wine called “Chateau Fourcas Dupre”  has been very popular. Coming straight from the AOC LISTRAC MEDOC area this wine is of “Cru Classe” quality, one of the French top ranking qualities when it comes to wines. A wine well received by Chinese! This wine has a strong bouquet and beautiful colour.The Chateau Fourcas Dupre main grape varieties are Cabernet Xia, Merlot grapes accounting for 70% of the ingredients. In addition there are some Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. These give this wine a fruity aroma...

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Few things to know about WeChat Marketing

Ma Huatang, the founder of Tencent, said that he hoped to build a platform (Wechat) and to develop only the most basic rules, then there will be unexpected innovations emerge. WeChat has now 260 million of active users. Wechat is not an open platform   WeChat Firms must create content to attract followers Practical, fun, content sharing: all this must appear on WeChat. They need to be active on Internet. Chinese consumers want to be informed of news, events, products, discounts, any information about brands. WeChat is not a e-commerce platform Firms can create a WeChat account, but Chinese...

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Top 5 ads in China this week

We are good to see the Top 5 ads of the week   1.Coca-Cola, 128 years of sharing happiness URL: This is an interactive website, describes the history of Coca-Cola. It is very interesting, but takes a long time to read, people will lose interest. Good advertising design concept. Since 128 years, we exist to share happiness. For 35 years, we have witnessed the Chinese epoch-making change. Each bottle of Coca-Cola are carrying a happy story. Grateful to have you go hand in hand.   2.Coca-Cola “bottle lyrics” Marketing This marketing campaign is a replica of last year’s...

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Wechat + Coca-Cola: Open a new model of cross-border mobile marketing

This time, Coca-Cola and micro-letters “together”, and with the focus to the cap from the bottle. In addition to the bottle, cap regarded as the most commonly used marketing point beverage manufacturers, such as the early years of the popular marketing campaign “Another bottle”, many brands have tried. Consumers are used to “free taste”, “special sales”, “Premium Sales” and “bottle years” and other marketing strategies. Beverage brands began to seek new strategies. In recent years, Coca-Cola in China carried out a number of innovative marketing attempts. Network platform ICOKE opened in 2005. The traditional marketing model and Internet...

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