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How to promote your hotel to Chinese tourists?

China is already the Number 1 outbound tourism market around the globe. Chinese tourists going out of China continue to arise by 17% to 20% every year and are expected to go up considerably, according to the China Tourism Academy. According to World Travel Organization, there will be 100 million Chinese travelling abroad by 2020. Most of them would stay in different hotels available worldwide. Studies from AC Nielsen shows that most Chinese tourists choose high levels of hotels to stay in: one in three of them will choose a 4-star hotel, while one tenth of them will choose...

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Philippines welcome Chinese Tourists

Chinese going Out The number of Chinese tourists going out of China is moving up by 17% from a year ago and is expected to go up considerably, according to the China Tourism Academy. 73% of these Chinese tourists sighted a beach holiday as their top holiday activity, followed by sightseeing, self-drive, hot spring, wine and dine, shopping, historical sites, cultural experiences, cruise, and safari, in that order. Flood of Chinese tourists in the Philippines Despite the territorial conflicts between the two countries, a flood of Chinese tourists is seen in the Philippines these past few years. According to...

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Baidu as Chinese google version step in Stock markets – NASDAQ

Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU), China’s top search engine, released its Q2 earnings report overnight. The financials were dull (see here; PDF), but the conference call with Baidu execs yielded some interesting user numbers and a few new milestones. With a strong focus on mobile – now that China’s mobile internet users outnumber its PC web users – Baidu CEO Robin Li hailed the fact that the company’s “mobile revenue, which is largely comprised of mobile search revenue, accounts for 30 percent of our total revenue.” (With thanks to SeekingAlpha for the call transcript). Li also revealed that Baidu’s mobile search service...

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Hermès to open first China maison and fifth in the World

Hermès, one of the top French luxury brands is about to open its fifth “Maison” store in Shanghai next fall. “Maison” Hermès usually include a shop, a museum dedicated to the brand, offices and sometimes exhibition space. The brand founded by Thierry Hermès in the 19th century has become one of the top luxury brands Chinese’ love for luxury China has always fancied western luxury brands without  thinking too much about its own culture and history. China involvement in the worldwide luxury market is more and more important with the China 1% display an increasing appetite for top-notch fashion...

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Horse riding is a new high potential market in China

New leisure of wealthy Chinese.   The rich wealthy Chinese find their new pass-time in playing the equestrian sports after golf and tennis. The number of new members hoping to learn how to  ride horses has raised dramatically. In this new market in expansion, lot of clubs open doors for the unstopping increased passionate of horse number. They are also welcoming the international players loving this sport who would be enjoying their visit time in china. Compare to the rest of the world, Chinese riders wear high value equipment: clothes, pants, watches, and have the high brand equipments for...

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