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General Motors experience growth again in China

General Motors are growing again in China thanks to Cadillac sales General Motor sales have been increased up to 7% to 37,742 vehicles in November 2016. The sales are up 8.5% as compared with the previous year 2015. The Sales volume of vehicles has been improved due to the efforts of General Motors in China. Cadillac sales jumped to a 70% high, they were ranked 5th in the highest selling luxury brands. The XT5 brand was also introduced in China and USA at the start of 2016 and saw remarkable progress for Cadillac with 100,000 vehicle sales. Buick continued to be GM’s strongest-selling passenger-vehicle...

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Spending Slowdown: Traditional Advertising Declines In China

Spending on traditional advertising such as print media including newspapers and magazines is showing an on-going decline, according to new market data, although the decrease appears to be less than in previous years. The drop in traditional advertising funding is directly contrasted to an ongoing increase in spending on non-traditional advertising such as through digital media including on mobile device apps. According to eMarketer, companies are expected to spend almost $80 billion in total media spending (traditional and non-traditional) in 2016 and that will increase to $90 billion in 2017, underscoring the ongoing importance of advertising. Companies looking to...

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Weibo part of Chinese Social Media History !

Weibo’s concept changes the history of social media in China and remains a major turning point in Chinese society. Sina Weibo is a Chinese microblogging (“weibo”) site. Akin to a cross-breed of Twitter and Facebook, it is a standout amongst the most famous online platforms in China, being used by more than 30% of Internet clients. It provides a market entrance infrastructure like the United States’ Twitter. Weibo is the Chinese word for “micro” and “blog”. It alludes to smaller than usual blogging platforms in China. Weibo utilizes an organizational structure like its American sibling Twitter, however, it is utilized only by Chinese speakers; this directly...

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China “Educates” its Consumers Through Advertising Strategy

The Chinese are known for their intelligence when it comes to creativity and the invention of new digital marketing techniques. They are advancing in the world of marketing in the field of video marketing, new conceptual ads are being made, ads that tap into the emotional and sentimental values of the viewers. Ads are more intelligently focusing on specific target audiences. Company featuring the ad – An app called Alipay which provides payment services to consumers. The Chinese have advanced a lot in the world of advertising. There is huge competition among companies, and they are placing a great emphasis on creativity and narratives to build brand image. One of...

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Chinese Investors are flooding the US Market

Chinese Investment and Chinese Tourists in US Hotels Chinese investors invested $10 billion in U.S. Hotels recently. They are doing their investments due to the growth of Chinese tourists to the USA. The main target is to improve the markets of the United States and  Asia as well. A Chinese delegation of investors bought a $2 billion stake in U.S. Hotels owned by Starwood Capital Group. This deal provides great benefits to investors with 208 limited-service hotels in 40 US. states. Every year, millions of Chinese visit everywhere in the world due to tourism activities and they spend their money...

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