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Online Advertising Market in China: $7 billion in 2018

Technology is changing the way online advertisement is bought and sells, and so demand-side platforms have performed an important share in driving that revolution. A demand-side platform (DSP) is a part of the program used to buy advertising in an automatic fashion. DSPs are most frequently used by agencies and advertisers to assist them purchase, mobile, display, video and search ads. A demand-side platform is a part of the advertising puzzle that suits into the bigger real-time bidding (RTB) environment. Especially, a DSP allows advertisers to buy display advertisement inventory by RTB exchanges. The most famous DSPs are x+1,...

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Korea: New shopping Destination for Chinese

There is a growing trend of online shopping everywhere, in a recent study it has been seen that China is now outspending Korea in terms of e-commerce. The percentage of Chinese tourists to Korea has risen 118.5% to 2.18 million this year which is impacting upon sales. Chinese people buy cosmetics, food, travel items and use reservation services online mostly by via the internet on their mobile. Cosmetics made in Korea Chinese consumers buy cosmetics made in Korea online , the purchase of cosmetics at local, online retailers expanded 55.4% whilst food purchases rose to 34.6. percent. Travel and reservation bookings rose  15.2% in Korea as online transactions continue...

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Chinese Leisure Holidays and Cruises

China is the world’s second largest cruise market and has the potential to become the world’s largest one.  Middle-class Chinese families are flocking to luxury vacation cruise holidays. Until, recently, cruise travel for the average Chinese citizen meant taking a boat ride down the Yangtze River. But, over time ship travel has become far more luxurious. Traveling abroad is still regulated in China and holidays are generally fewer, therefore a relaxing short cruise trip is a great relief for Chinese citizens. In fact, there is a huge boom in the Chinese cruise market and it is expected to reach 2.5 million by the year 2020. 4.5million by...

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Chinese Investments Tripled Last Year

Chinese Investments Tripled China is getting into big venture capital business, especially in digital, at a break neck speed and in very big way.  The state are strongly supporting the business with 1.5 trillion RMB spent in 2015. This data has that been compiled by consultants in the companies research department, they found that the Chinese venture capital investment trend is about financial status with 3 times more raised this year than the previous year. The reputable Perkins ltd are guiding the state on how best to proceed in venture capitalism investment. Local and central agencies play a great role nationwide. There has been...

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Toutiao Leads The Way On Media Aggregation

Beijing-based mobile device app Toutiao is leading the way on media aggregation, earning hundreds of millions of dollars in investment within the past decade as it watches its user base explode in popularity — and as a sign of its success, its parent company Bytedance is now seeking a valuation of more than $10 billion. Zhang Yiming, the founder of Bytedance and Toutiao, said he has always had an interest in computers and information, and that his app was the best way to combine them. He recognizes that while people have an interest in international affairs, they are primarily...

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