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Chinese Tourists Are Changing the Global Retail Strategy

The clever brands worldwide have found the best and most appropriate way to attract Chinese tourists. The attractive payout that these tourists offer has changed global marketing strategies who do not want to miss this lucrative opportunity. China’s outbound tourism has not only given international brands growth but also has undermined the local markets and their outdated marketing strategies. Chinese travelers are the major source of earning now for many industries worldwide. This includes retail and consumer goods, the transport industry, leisure, and hospitality. There has been a positive change in the characteristics of Chinese tourists, notably an increased receptivity to international brands,...

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Chinese Travelers Choose Australia!

Chinese Tourists Driving Economic Growth in Australia Chinese tourists are playing an important role in the growth of the Australian economy. The trend to visit Australia for Chinese travellers has increased exponentially as compared with other countries. “Chinese Tourists are leading the Charge in Driving Australia’s Economic Growth” said Steve Ciobo, Australia’s  tourism minister. He also highlights that Chinese tourists’ expenditure has been increased by growth targets for 4 years straight. The Australian tourism industry is making progress day by day and contributing to the economic growth of the nation. Tourism activities with China, Japan and Korea are fueling this flourishing economic activity. Ciobo revealed that Chinese travelers are...

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WeChat: Chinese App Signals Future Of E-Commerce

WeChat, a Chinese-developed mobile device app, is signaling the future of electronic commerce (e-commerce) that might rely more on the subtle use of social media to drive sales instead of high-impact advertising campaigns. The app by Tencent — available for a wide range of devices — provides several services including text messaging, video messaging, and chats. It also has the ability for users to provide bank details in order to pay for certain items through the app, including bills and when shopping for goods and services. With more than 760 million people now using the app worldwide, that’s a huge...

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Which Strategy to Choose in China? SEO and SEM

SEO/SEM in China China’s market is full of opportunities and product consumption. The people of China like to use domestic and products and services in their everyday lives. Standards for using quality products and services within China are being improved in various ways. Domestic and international product demand is still increasing, international investors should take this opportunity to to produce well marketed products and services in order to gain the maximum level of attraction from Chinese communities. Brand reputation and the value of specific products can be improved through various ways. Chinese SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are both strategies which can be used to market businesses,...

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Luxury Fashion Brands’ New Strategy in China

  “China’s rich makeup buyers are almost a third of the world’s luxury shoppers” as per Statement of Reuters.  People of China have increased their buying power and they prefer to use high standard and luxury items for their use. World’s top class fashion brands are introducing new ideas to attract Chinese tourists across the world to buy their taste relevant products. Chinese people know as luxury item shoppers so brands like Tiffany & Co especially focusing on to increase their sales volume in eight quarters as a result of strong sales in countries like China and Japan. According to...

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