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The Future of Convenience Stores in China via WeChat

Amazon recently opened his checkout-free store in Seattle. This concept store called Amazon Go is already available to the Amazon employees, and should be open to the public in early 2017. With different technologies, China is also launching a vision of the future of convenience stores, called Bingo Box. The Key Is WeChat WeChat is a big thing in China. It allows people not only to communicate, but also to pay or to scan QR codes, which are widely popular in China. With the popularity of WeChat, the start-up BingoBox, opened a completely staff-less store in Zhongshan City (Guangdong Province)....

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Social Networking Trends for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is an opportunity for new social media trends, and 2017 is no exception. Here are several examples: The “before-and-after coming home” pictures A trend we have observed this year is the “before-and-after coming home” pictures. Many young urban Chinese returning home posted these photos on Weibo. The contrast is striking between their outfits and makeup in their urban life, and the rural way of living when they come back home for Chinese New Year. Indeed, most young urban Chinese people have their roots and family still living in the country side of China. The living conditions are different...

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The Power of Baidu SEO in China

Baidu is the very tool to use in China, understanding how works its SEO is essential. Why Baidu is Popular in China In search engine dominance, Google cannot complete Baidu in China. Baidu headquarters is in Beijing, China and has employees 46,391 (Jan 1, 2015). According to 2015 estimates, Baidu revenue increases CNY 66.382 billion with total assets CNY 147.853 billion. Baidu has become one of the most popular search engines in China and no other search engines. Baidu is completely change and becoming a strong platform in China for Google market. People of China prefer to Baidu and...

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China’s Inbound and Outbound Tourism Market

Economic Environment for Chinese Tourists China’s economy is growing rapidly and more economy stability means high living standards and the high priority of quality items. The trend of Chinese tourists visiting local and international markets has changed dramatically in the last decade. Many people are changing their life styles and their preferences to visits for different purposes. As incomes of the Chinese people are increasing their tours to the world are also increasing. Mostly they visit the Australia, The Middle East, USA, Asia, UK and European countries. It is estimated that out of a total population 1.39 billion people, many millions of people...

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Digital Advertising Guide in China

Digital Advertising China : 2017 China’s advertising industry is fast paced and always evolving, thanks to the demands of the consumers. Unlike many Western and other countries of the world, television is definitely not the biggest source of advertisement in China. Also, the huge geographical size of the country also makes the task of reaching out to all the potential customers quite challenging. While 96% of the advertisements by the leading multinational companies are done through the medium of television, yet more and more advertising agencies are now targeting their Chinese consumers through digital advertising. According to a survey,...

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