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The 6 Ways to Get Your 1000 First WeChat Followers

Getting your first WeChat followers can be tricky at the beginning. Here are 6 tips to help you take first steps. 1) Prepare yourself before creating your account If you have not created your WeChat account yet, you need plan the kind of audience you want to target, the type of message you want to convey and the image of you or your brand you want to display. You need be clear on that in order to have the most coherent WeChat account as possible. The best way for this step is to attend offline events that have the same target...

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12 Key Dates for your e-Commerce & Marketing campaign in China

The Chinese market is rapidly changing, that’s not a surprise. However, it still follows regular festivals and periods of time that every marketer in China should be aware of. These periods of time are particularly important when it comes to hiring a Key Opinion Leader (KOL), who acts as an influencer. It can take time to book one, which is why we give the recomended timing to recruit them, according to the period.   1. Promotion Periods Besides specific days—like Mother’s or Father’s Day—Chinese holidays and festivals are rather universal and allow brands to launch promotions to their clients. Indeed, the Chinese are...

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1 Chinese Millennial out of 2 Dreams dream to be an Online Celebrity

Like in Western countries, many young Chinese people dream of a successful career on the Internet or on social media. A Different Generation The young Chinese generation is very different from the one of their parents. They are more risk-taking and the generation is full of experimenters and dreamers. Half of them don’t want to work in a traditional environment (factory, office…) after their graduation, according to a QQ Browser (Tencent) research, which polled 13,000 college students and mined data from its 84-million daily Internet search traffic. This result is mostly due to the fast growth of China’s economy, and...

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Why Are Big Brands Leaving Tmall?

Despite huge opportunities, the Chinese market is highly competitive and very different from any other market in the world. E-commerce is booming in China, and it is the best way to reach the emerging middle-class. Brands are leaving Tmall However, numerous retail and luxury brand giants are closing their online stores, indicating the fierce online competition. Here are several reasons for that:   1.     Too high costs Different costs are involved when you open your Tmall store. They depend on the type of store you choose: Flagship Store for brands with a trademark, Speciality Store for businesses with brand...

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Top 5 Chinese Key Opinion Leaders

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) refer to influential public figures, whom people perceive as experts in certain fields and are knowledgeable on many topics. As they are very popular in China, they are a powerful marketing tool for brands. With their help, they can influence large communities and reach thousands or even millions of potential customers. Chinese website  has created an index of the most influent Key Opinion Leaders (KOL). What they call their “TOP100 Red List” is based on data retrieved from six social media sites: Sina Weibo is one of the first social media platforms in China. Created in...

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