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8 Marketing Trends for the Chinese Market

As China is a constantly changing country, new opportunities appear every year. Here are 8 marketing trends for the Chinese Market. 1. Lower-Tier cities are booming Internet user growth is saturating in Chinese biggest cities. Future growth will thus come from rural areas, and especially Lower-Tier cities (Wenzhou, Yantai, etc.). The development of rural infrastructure is one Chinese government’s biggest priorities to reduce the disparities of income distribution and to drive domestic consumption. The rural Chinese online market nearly doubled to RMB 353 billion yuan ($51 billion) in 2015 (Chinese Ministry of Commerce). Tier 1 cities of Beijing Shanghai...

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How KOL can support your e-Commerce in China

More and more people use the social networks in China, especially the young people who are the most active. But among the users of the social networks, certain stand out thanks to their number of subscribers, whom are the KOL (Key Opinion Leader), the opinion leaders. On Weibo, we count more than 30’000 KOL having at least 10’000 subscribers. The brands fast included the influence of the KOL on their audience and numerous companies call on to the Chinese bloggers, the video directors or other celebrities to promote and sell the brand. Tao Liang alias Mrs Bag managed to...

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The Rise of Fashion Digital Magazines in China

Fashion has always had strong ties with the media. From fashion shows to covers of magazines, they allow brands to express a great potential, and to connect with their audience. However, with the rise of social media, fashion brands modify their communication and digital is slightly replacing the printed press and other traditional media in China.   China’s Print Oligarchy It has to be reminded that China is a very regulated country when it comes to media. Indeed, both international and Chinese print publications must operate in cooperation with state-owned media houses in China. It is the case for...

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E-commerce Disrupts Retailing in China

Big foreign companies can fail in China, besides law or competition factors, this is mostly because they fail to adapt to the new Chinese e-commerce era. 1. The Chinese Market is still opening up Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a passionate speech at the Davos World Economic Forum in early January. He especially wanted to defend globalization and he promised improved market access for foreign companies. That reassured foreign reassured investors and felt like China is still sticking firmly to Deng Xiaoping’s opening policies in the 1980s. 2. But several foreign companies leave China Several huge companies have recently...

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Bling Luxury Is Disappearing in China

China is the first market for Luxury in the world. However, consumption behavior is shifting in the Middle Empire and make brands change their strategies in the country. The Chinese Rich People are changing their style 1.    The Chinese Luxury Market The purchasing of luxury products in China represented 36 million dollars in 2016. We estimate this number to reach 79 million in 2020, and an average annual growth around 20%. The Chinese also acquire more and more high-end products abroad and eight luxury products out of ten bought by a Chinese citizen were purchased from a foreign country in 2015,...

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