Author: Benji Lamb

Independent Chinese Travellers : how can you attract them?

Chinese tourists spent $230 billion abroad in 2015 with this figure rising to over $250 billion in 2016. Last year over 150 million Chinese ‘middle class’ tourists travelled abroad. This market is growing year on year and shows no signs of slowing down. The rise in independent Chinese travellers is a key trend that emerged at the start of 2015. The Chinese stereotypically are known to travel in large, loud and organized tour groups but this appears to be changing. Independent Chinese Travellers Now we see the growth of independent travellers, not using the large Chinese travel agencies but...

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Social Commerce in China.. It’s Just the Start!

Social e-commerce in China is in vogue as we witness this interesting marriage of social media and e-retail developing this year. Once again the Chinese tech arena is innovating and serving as a blue print for how social media influencers can facilitate sales. Let’s explore this trend further. $174 000 worth of designer bags sold in 12 minutes.. A fashion blogger and influencer known as ‘Mr Bags’ sold $174 000 worth of designer bags and accessories via his social media account. This proved that a huge and impressionable following can be tapped into via influencers such as this, it...

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Hurdles facing the mobile biking revolution in China

The well documented Mobile Biking APP revolution in China is a wonderful example of Chinese ingenuity, innovation and the growing start-up culture. Mobike and Ofo are two largest players backed by Chinese heavy weights Tencent (the firm behind WeChat) and Didi (the largest taxi hailing app who recently acquired Uber in China) respectively. Bikes are now everywhere in the large urban areas of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shenzhen. Users simply scan a QR code to access the bike and scan to end the journey, they can leave the bike wherever they finish the ride, no stations are...

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British Apparel is really popular among Chinese millennials.

British clothing and apparel is growing in popularity in China, particularly amongst the now often referred to market segment; ‘millenials’, that is Children born after 1990. The Chinese market now boasts over 350 million middle class consumers, the largest number in the world and British fashion is proving to be a strong beneficiary. The UK Apparel and accessories industry is growing with 340,000 direct jobs created across 80 000 companies. The success of British Apparel in China is linked to its success back home. The industry now adds $11.5bn to the UK economy annually. In-fact the UK is now...

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Carrefour invests into its reputation in China

  The giant super market chain Carrefour is investing millions of dollars into its reputation in China with the largest online ‘branding campaign’ the country has ever seen. The highly successful super market know a thing or two about international branding, founded in France in 1959, they now operate in 34 different countries and have cited China as the most important market for global growth, this is because of the increasingly affluent and sizeable middle class consumer population. The campaign revolves around the slogan; ‘there is a trust.. we call it Carrefour’ alongside two different video’s promoting food safety...

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