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Guest Post From ‘Social Network Solutions’

We welcome the reputable ‘Social Network Solutions’ to provide some insight into building your network. When it comes to social media, networking is a vital aspect of work to continually develop your brand’s online presence whilst achieving an increased following. Influencing users from all walks of life that will be interested in the products or services you have to offer is a necessity in being noticed across the frantic world of social media. Whilst every piece of content that you post is important for growing your business online, the ability to like, share and re-post this information on to...

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5 food brands that benefit from being ‘made in America’ in China

Like it, or not, the American brand is synonymous with food all across the globe. ‘Made in America’ is a powerful form of branding in China, particularly when it comes to America’s reputation for ‘fast’ food. There has been a revolution in the middle kingdom in terms of how exported US culture is received. The Chinese have now embraced many ‘Americanisms’ and have a seemingly insatiable desire for American products with food outlets arguably the greatest US success stories here. They key is that these American food outlets have already catered for the mass market in the states, they were already...

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Customizing ‘Disney Land’ for the family in China

The Walt Disney Company won approval from the Chinese state to build a theme park in Shanghai in 2009. This will be the first of its kind in mainland China. The park is close to completion and is due to open in spring 2016. This development has huge financial and cultural implications. The park is estimated to cost $5.5 billion, making it one of the largest-ever foreign investments in China and Disney’s highest ever investment overseas. This move is testament to the importance and focus corporations are placing on their business operations in China. Disney have praised China as...

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Guest Post on ‘Competition Apps’ by Shane Gammage from ‘Social Network Solutions’

  Guest Post on ‘Competition Apps’ by Shane Gammage, a media specialist and manager of social network solutions (based in Norwich, UK). It is vital for companies to increase engagement whilst capturing data. Social Media Competition Apps are an essential tool to lift your brand to new levels within social media. They help you to increase your following across all social platforms whilst capturing essential data to add to your mailing list. The apps can increase the number of followers your business has over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and SoundCloud. We maximise the number of people who enter your promotion by...

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The 5 most popular Australian products in China

Australian brands are becoming increasingly popular in China with a growing middle class of consumers seeking more ‘international’ products. The relatively close proximity of the two countries coupled with the fact they are on the same time zone aids this lucrative international trade. Here are the most popular products and brands from ‘down under’ in China: Beef  The most significant Australian export to China is beef. Reuteurs reported that in 2013 half of the total amount of beef imported to China was Australian. The Chinese demand for beef is increasing as the diet of wealthier consumers changes to include more protein...

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