Author: Benji Lamb

The Ultimate Guide to Social Commerce on WeChat

Socially orientated e-commerce is the next big trend in China. China leads the way in this field with the success of its e-commerce sphere overlapping with social media networks in new and interesting ways. WeChat, the largest social platform, are leading the charge with 850 million registered users. Last year they launched their game changing service, WeChat ‘Micro E-Commerce Stores’, hosted within the app. Here I’ll explore the potential for Micro Stores in China and how this evolution of e-commerce is set to have a dramatic effect in terms of sales and user engagement. This new form of social...

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How To Enter the Mobile Gaming Market in China

It goes without saying that the gaming market in China is absolutely huge. Statistics shared by DataEye showed that almost 400 million of the countries 670 million internet users regularly played mobile games in 2015. With one of the most lucrative mobile gaming industries in the world, it is no surprise that so many gaming companies are desperate to crack the Chinese gaming market. Currently, the industry is dominated by Tencent, who earned more than 70.844 billion RMB for the year of 2016 across online gaming. Internet technology company NetEase also have a very large presence in the market...

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How to promote a celebrity in China

How to market a celebrity in China through personal branding?  Chinese consumers are hooked on fame and celebrity with international stars from outside of the nation being highly prized if they are known. With the nation’s 350 million ‘middle class’ consumers, celebrity endorsements for products & services have become big business for all parties.     The problem for celebrities in China The main problem that reputable celebrities around the world face is that they are simply not known in China. If you are unknown you are not a star. The Chinese gather all their information online which is...

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Problems for International Education in China

We are now arguably in the ‘golden age of education’ in China. With growing levels of wealth, rising disposable incomes and 350 million middle class citizens comes a greater focus on quality education. The education gold-rush is underway with a 20% increase in international schools and services setting up in China in 2016 when compared to the previous year. There are however a host of obstacles for international education players to overcome. Here is a run-down of the key problems for new institutions building themselves in China. In China You Start Over Again The Chinese market place, whilst opening...

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Dubai Properties Company Leading in the Chinese Rush for Outbound Real Estate

  The upper classes in China are more attracted by international re-location than ever before. Owning property abroad is increasingly the most popular form of investment for the wealthy. Amidst the instability of the RMB currency, fluctuations in the Chinese stock market and slowing economic growth, many wealthy Chinese look to make serious and safe investments abroad to preserve their wealth. Collecting information online before purchasing is an essential step in the process for Chinese property investors. Everything in China is digital with research extensively conducted online. Having a strong online presence allows you to become more visible and attractive to potential investors....

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