Author: Benji Lamb

Thai facial mask brand ‘Smooto’ grow their social media following

SMOOTO is a facial mask from Thailand. The raw materials they use in their products are mainly extracts from tomatoes, combined with Vitamin C, E, and organic moisturiser. This facial mask has many skin care functions including; whitening, hydrating and anti-aging benefits. The brand have grown significantly as a successful international brand and subsequently set their sights on China, the fastest growing market in the world for beauty products.     A Growing Market The health based, beauty market is still growing by 10% year on year as China’s number of ‘middle class’ consumers increases to 350 million in relative income...

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What Makes The Chinese Market Profitable?

In 2017, China’s economic miracle has been well documented. The nation with its 1.4 billion strong population and increasing levels of wealth has become renowned as the most lucrative potential market for businesses and services on the planet. The nation’s GDP is increasing by around 7% year on year with market opportunities growing in line with this. Here I want to explore what characteristics make doing business in China so profitable for international business.   The scale of consumer culture The size and scale of China’s market place is mind boggling. There are 1.4 billion potential consumers to target. Out...

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New WeChat Service Accounts vs Old Subscription Accounts?

WeChat with its 850 million active users makes it arguably the most powerful marketing platform in the world. Whilst everybody is talking about the platform, the hot topic now is how new developments in WeChat service accounts are effecting businesses operating in China.   What the differences between WeChat Subscription and Service accounts? This is probably one of the most misunderstood aspects of the WeChat platform for companies & marketers new to China. Here I’ll unpack, plainly and simply, the differences between these options and argue that service accounts are a far more advanced option for businesses setting up...

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How did a Swiss Brand of bluetooth speakers create the right ‘Noise’ in China?

‘Tree Labs’ Speakers Capture the Attention of Chinese Consumers.. Tree Labs are a Swiss Brand of audio, portable bluetooth speakers that set out to make waves (sound waves?..) in the highly competitive yet lucrative Chinese market. This is the story of how the brand entered the market and generated a high level of interest in their product, despite being completely new to Mainland China. This serves as an inspirational example of how new brands can make a real impact with the right, intelligent digital strategy.   Introducing Tree Labs This Swiss brand sells audio portable Bluetooth Speakers. They define...

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The Golden Age of British Food and Beverage in China

British Food and Drink Grows in Popularity The Food and Drink sector is the UK’s largest manufacturing sector turning over £76bn and employing 400,000. The food sector sells 30% of their products overseas with this figure increasing due to greater demand from developing nations such as China. The Food and Drink Federation, a leading industry body, declared that the UK had doubled exports over ten years to £12.8bn in 2014. This is in-line with the British government’s export drive to China amid a climate of increasingly positive relations between the two countries. Even with the global economic downturn this...

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