Author: Benji Lamb

How to sell $13 million of US Property via WeChat: China’s Leading Social Network

Imagine selling a $13 million New York City apartment entirely through Twitter, Facebook or SnapChat? On China’s Facebook equivalent ‘WeChat’ this is completely possible and the hottest new trend emerging on China’s largest and most active social network. ‘Emma Hao’, an agent for luxury-home broker ‘Douglas Elliman’ has brokered property sales entirely through the WeChat platform. She does this a lot.. and she is not alone. “I’ll put up a floor plan and say that a new property is good on the blog and the location is great. Then people will say ‘I’m interested’ and buy,” she said. “It’s really...

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Chinese Consumer Trends in 2017

2017 as the year of the rooster is shaping up to be a huge year for the evolution of China’s market place. With 350 million middle class consumers, growing levels of wealth and a higher quality of life this year may well be China’s most significant as they influence and shape wider global trends. This will prove to be a key year for China’s development as the state backed drive to transition from a largely manufacturing based economy to a tertiary, service based one continues with a focus on digital innovation. This is shaping consumer trends in a powerful way....

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The Chinese Obsession with Australian Brands

How to capitalize on the Chinese love for Australian Brands & grow your business?    As a marketer I am continually approached by Australian companies and brands looking to grow in China. In all honesty.. I am constantly impressed by the ingenuinity, directness and savy nature of the Australian business person who see the rise of China’s 350 million middle class consumers as a huge opportunity to grow their brand in this rapidly developing nation to a new consumer base.  The success of Australian brands in China is set amidst the backdrop of thriving two-way trade between the two...

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A Guide to WeChat Stores for New Business in China

This topic is really in vogue right now, here is our guide to WeChat Stores:   What is a WeChat store? Essentially a ‘store’ is a web page hosted on WeChat. It utilizes a lot of the WeChat features & interfaces with applications for payment, templated messages and chat functions. It is a ‘web interface’ for selling products that is most often linked to a company’s ‘official account’. Payments are made via WeChat’s e-payment ‘wallet’ service at the ‘swipe of a screen’, this lends itself well to impulse purchasing. It is not an ‘ecommerce site’ as such, it is part...

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Guide to Finding Quality Chinese Distributors

You’ve just landed in China, a completely different marketplace & environment to operate in, you need to begin distributing and selling your product in the most effective way with Return On Investment your number one priority. Quality Chinese Distributors The purse strings are tighter because you need to validate this market, will you see traction for the product and how will you market the product to Chinese consumers? Quality distribution alongside marketing & branding therefore lies at the heart of e-commerce success. Finding a quality distributor in China is a notoriously difficult task, especially for a new brand with...

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