Author: Benji Lamb

Huge Opportunities for Online Education Businesses In China

The online education business is growing by 15% year on year in Mainland China. This is because of the huge emphasis on quality education in modern China, it is all part of the wider goal set by the government to shift from a manufacturing economy to more service based, tertiary one. Education is a key pillar in this nationwide shift. This makes it an important and prioritized market with sustained growth for investment opportunities. A market overview Let’s firstly consider the market. There are 800 million Chinese now online with a ‘middle class’ market of 300 million Chinese citizens....

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Vancouver Fashion Week ‘Turns On’ Social Media in China !

Vancouver Fashion Week (WFV) is a seven day long event, held twice a year at the ‘Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver’. It is run and curated by organizer Jamal Abdurahman. It’s the fastest developing Fashion Week on the continent after completing 27 successful events. VFW is providing a strong international platform for designers and modelling talent with a focus on the diversity of fashion across the globe and in 2016 hosted 100 shows featuring many talented designers, many of them unable to showcase their work at the larger shows in Milan, New York and Paris. VFW wanted to...

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China’s World Leading Fintech (Financial Technology) Industry.

China’s financial technology, or ‘fintech’ industry, is now worth $2.2 trillion and is truly the most innovative and forward thinking market place of it’s kind in the world. With $11 billion invested last year in fintech start-ups across Asia this sector is now rivalling e-commerce and app development as one of the hottest and most lucrative tech arena’s globally. Nowhere is this huge shift more apparent than in China, a nation that has embraced fintech services with the vast uptake and normalization of third party payment apps and e-wallet services. China leads the world in terms of market size...

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Lyon wins the hearts and minds of Chinese tourists

This is the story of how ‘Only Lyon’ and Gentlemen Marketing literally changed the travelling habits of Chinese tourists visiting France to establish Lyon as a popular destination in Europe. It demonstrates the power of effective, targeted marketing in China in the golden age for Chinese international travel. Chinese tourists are changing Chinese tourists from the major, first tier cities are no longer the only ones taking holidays abroad. Many destinations are now targeting Chinese visitors from second and third tier cities which dramatically increases the potential number of visitors. This is fueled by rising disposable incomes as levels...

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Independent Chinese Travellers : how can you attract them?

Chinese tourists spent $230 billion abroad in 2015 with this figure rising to over $250 billion in 2016. Last year over 150 million Chinese ‘middle class’ tourists travelled abroad. This market is growing year on year and shows no signs of slowing down. The rise in independent Chinese travellers is a key trend that emerged at the start of 2015. The Chinese stereotypically are known to travel in large, loud and organized tour groups but this appears to be changing. Independent Chinese Travellers Now we see the growth of independent travellers, not using the large Chinese travel agencies but...

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