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How Can US Travel Agencies Attract Chinese Travellers?

With the growth of the Chinese middle class and rising disposable incomes travelling internationally on a far greater scale is the next step for China’s increasingly wealthy. The Chinese seek different experiences and for China the USA in many ways represents the ‘Yin’ to their ‘Yang’, it is perceived as a great country to visit. Chinese travellers to the US are increasing by 20% year on year. Strangely, Donald Trump is surprisingly popular and well known in China, the coverage from the American election peaked much interest in the states as a desirable travel destination too. US travel agencies need...

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B2B Lead Generation for Chinese Factories

B2B lead generation in China can be tricky, it is a very different marketplace for businesses to operate in. Some businesses forsake an online marketing strategy but the most effective way to develop and generate leads in this market is digitally. In China business introductions and connections are often developed online before meeting face to face. Connecting with factories for cost-effective production in China is essential. There are opportunities for affordable, mass market production with the infrastructure in place to both produce and distribute at the best market rates. But how do you connect with Chinese factories and establish...

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How Can the US Education Market Attract Chinese Students?

China’s economic rise has been well documented, it has produced a whole new wave of middle class citizens seeking a higher quality of life and education. According to Unesco statistics the number of out-bound Chinese students leaving China to study abroad in 2015 was 523,700, this figure has been growing year on year and will continue to rise. For the Chinese the most important factor now is education, China is an incredibly competitive society with individuals looking to get ahead at all costs, an international education is regarded as preferable in China as the best academic institutions are still...

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How The Australian Tourism Industry Can Generate Leads From China.

The Chinese outbound tourism market is the fastest growing travel sector in the world. The rise of the Chinese middle class, higher standards of living as well as increasing disposable incomes have all led to increasing outbound travel to a greater variety of destinations. There are now 300 million Chinese tourists going on at least one international trip per year. Australia is set to continue to capitalize on this trend with its relatively close proximity to China, attractive climate, strong cultural appeal and positive existing relations with the country in terms of trade and industry. In 2015, China was...

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The Chinese Overseas Education Market

The Chinese overseas education market and how to market your courses online to attract Chinese students. The Chinese overseas education market is the largest in the world with more Chinese students studying abroad than any other country. According to data from China’s Ministry of Education, 459,800 Chinese students went abroad in 2015, an 11.1% increase compared to the year before. Of those, 423,000, or 92%, were self-funded. In total according to the Unesco institute for statistics there are currently 712,157 students from China studying abroad. The vast majority of these students study in either sixth form colleges or (predominantly) universities. Oversea Education Business in China...

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