Author: Benji Lamb

How to Market your New Business in China?

The Chinese market is arguably the largest in the world with 350 million middle class consumers and the country’s overall GDP growing by 7% year on year. However, it should also be acknowledged that it is a very difficult market to break in to if you do not understand how your competition, and also how Chinese consumers operate.   A highly competitive environment It is a highly competitive market with many local competitors who already understand the shopping habits of the Chinese, which are very different to those of consumers in the Western world. Chinese platforms such as Taobao...

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The Secret to Successful E-commerce in China

E-commerce now represents 15.5% of total retail sales in the whole of China. China’s ecommerce market remains the largest and most lucrative in the world, with over 800 million Chinese now connected online and 350 million middle class consumers actively engaging in e-retail purchases, there is no denying the potential for international brands. The National Bureau of statistics reported that the Chinese e-commerce market growth rate increased by 26.2% in 2016 and generated ¥5.16 trillion. The fastest growth rate in online shopping adoption is now occurring in the smaller, third tier cities as the marketplace widens and levels of wealth continue...

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The Problems & Solutions for New Businesses in China

When you first start doing business in China it can often be overwhelming, there are many people coming to you with a range of advice (often contradictory) about how you should proceed. There are many technical articles that demonstrate ‘know how’ but do not offer clear solutions to the problems new businesses face in China. New Businesses in China Doing business in China is a series of problems and solutions. Hurdles can always be jumped and the solutions can yield incredible results for the savy business operating in the most lucrative market in the world. Here is my pragmatic...

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The Super-Rich Chinese Emigration Market and How to Attract Investment?

This is a hot topic right now. In the wake of China’s unprecedented economic miracle comes a nation more internationally engaged than ever before. This is facilitating greater levels of overseas investment from Mainland China with the rise of the upper and middle classes entailing a dramatic shift in attitudes, particularly when it comes to relocation abroad. The remarkable outflow of people from China is one of the most striking trends of recent decades. Since the country started opening up in 1978, around 10 million Chinese have moved abroad, according to ‘Wang Huiyao’ of the Centre for China and...

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How a local fashion designer became the most popular ‘ready to wear’ brand in China

Vita Wei become the leading leisure wear, designer brand in China   Vita Wei: A force to be reckoned with Vita WEI is a Chinese, high-end, ready-to-wear clothing design brand. They focus on quality, leisurely everyday wear for the modern Chinese consumer. This combination has proved hugely popular in the orient with Vita Wei now the leading leisure, designer brand in China. The name itself has a strong meaning, “Vita” is a Spanish female name referring to ‘lifting the sky’ and the Chinese term ‘Wei’ means; “a vital force” or “life”.This links closely with the brands philosophy, they believe leisurely wear is not just an...

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