Author: Benji Lamb

A Boom in the Financial Industries in China

We are witnessing a huge boom in the financial and investment industries in China, fuelled by increasing levels of wealth and a growing number of affluent investors in the finance sector. China’s financial services industry has grown rapidly over the past five years with greater product offerings, a wider pool of talent and the proliferation of sales channels increasing the scale and quantity of investment in this industry. The financial sector continues its transformation into a more mature and complex market that will both welcome international investment and invest overseas.     A race for investment in an evolving...

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From invisible to 150 student requests per month for a Business school in China

Accademia Del Lusso Attract Chinese Students.   Introducing Accademia Del Lusso Accademia Del Lusso (ADL) is the School of Fashion & Design, located at Monte Napoleone, in the heart of Milan’s fashion district. It’s courses in Fashion, Design and Luxury Style are delivered to students ranging from high school graduates to career professionals. The institiute received the ‘Lifetime Achievement’ and ‘Prestigious Fashion Profession’ awards in 2007 in Milan. The school in Milan attracts students from all over the world and wanted to expand internationally into China, the most lucrative student market in the world.     The institutions objectives...

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In China Digital is the king

Taking your first steps in China? What makes this market unique? The Chinese market place is, in my humble opinion, the most fascinating in the world. I have had the pleasure of working in and studying this digital eco-system in China for a number of years. For western businesses looking to expand into the most lucrative [in terms of sustained return on investment and lead generation] yet different marketplace in the world it is important to understand what makes it so unique and why.. China is contradictory in many ways, the country has opened up to foreign investment and...

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The New Wave of Chinese Travellers to Las Vegas & How To Catch Them?

Close to 7.3m Chinese tourists are projected to travel to the US between now and 2021 indicating a huge rise in international travel and expenditure from a nation still growing it’s GDP by 7% year on year. The $360 million outbound Chinese tourist industry represents huge potential for savy businesses in this sector. The announcement of a direct flight from Mainland China to Las Vegas will be an interesting development for hotels, casino owners and tour operators alike in the infamous ‘Sin City’. With 350 million middle class citizens, a growing thirst for international travel and the rising popularity...

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The Ultimate Guide To Recruiting Chinese Students

At the risk of sounding cliché, we are arguably in a ‘golden age’ for Chinese international study abroad. China, with a staggering 350 million middle class consumers is undergoing a seismic shift in terms of it’s values, tastes and expectations, especially when it comes to standards of education. As levels of wealth grow so does the prioritization of a high-quality education. In evolving societies, this is always a key indicator of progress. The Chinese, particularly as a result of the one child policy, invest heavily into their Children’s future with an ‘international education’ highly prized. The question is how...

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