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A Perfume Brand creates a buzz around their ‘French story’ in just two weeks!

Perfume : a lucrative market in China The perfume and fragrance market in China is expected to be responsible for 25% of the industry’s global market growth by 2020. With China’s GDP increasing by around 7% every year, China’s 350 million middle class consumers are increasing their spending on luxury fragrances. It is wrong to simply dismiss the Chinese luxury market as ‘new wealth’. In-fact luxury spenders from Main Land China are incredibly discerning and look for special, quality perfumes that tell a story and add value to their sense of self and understanding of the world. This is particularly important as China...

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How a travel agency ‘kick started’ the Chinese travel trend in Indonesia

With rising disposable incomes and a middle class population of over 350 million Chinese seeking new and exciting international travel experiences, one could argue we are witnessing the Golden Age of overseas travel for Chinese tourists. Last year alone 180 million travellers made overseas trips, particularly around the national holidays. These trends are fuelled by an improved infrastructure for affordable air travel, high levels of wealth and an increasingly international, outward looking Chinese society. Bali & Indonesia are growing in popularity In China, Indonesia is viewed as a magnificently beautiful destination known for its diverse culture, wonderful beaches, natural beauty and extremely friendly local...

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The Golden Age of Australian Business in China

China’s economic rise has been well documented. There are now 350 million middle class consumers and with rising disposable incomes comes changing expectations and standards. There is a strong drive towards ‘international’ products and services, in-fact the label ‘international’ and more specifically ‘Australian’ has become a byword for quality in a market place commonly associated with counterfeit goods and poor quality Chinese customer service. This is evidenced by the fact that the Middle Kingdom is Australia’s largest export market with a whopping 32% of the nation’s total exports. It’s not just about exporting though, with inbound Chinese tourist numbers...

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Huge Opportunities for Online Education Businesses In China

The online education business is growing by 15% year on year in Mainland China. This is because of the huge emphasis on quality education in modern China, it is all part of the wider goal set by the government to shift from a manufacturing economy to more service based, tertiary one. Education is a key pillar in this nationwide shift. This makes it an important and prioritized market with sustained growth for investment opportunities. A market overview Let’s firstly consider the market. There are 800 million Chinese now online with a ‘middle class’ market of 300 million Chinese citizens....

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Vancouver Fashion Week ‘Turns On’ Social Media in China !

Vancouver Fashion Week (WFV) is a seven day long event, held twice a year at the ‘Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver’. It is run and curated by organizer Jamal Abdurahman. It’s the fastest developing Fashion Week on the continent after completing 27 successful events. VFW is providing a strong international platform for designers and modelling talent with a focus on the diversity of fashion across the globe and in 2016 hosted 100 shows featuring many talented designers, many of them unable to showcase their work at the larger shows in Milan, New York and Paris. VFW wanted to...

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