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China’s World Leading E-Commerce Industry

A lucrative market pioneered by Alibaba: China’s ecommerce market is a hive of activity and innovation. With the rise of Alibaba as a world leading e-commerce giant (the corporation boasts a record breaking IPO on the NY stock exchange) the world is really taking notice of this lucrative market and the opportunities it presents for cross border retail and online business. With a population of 1.4 billion people and an internet penetration rate of 55% we are talking about a whopping 750 million netziens online, that’s twice the population of US. This coupled with the rising Chinese middle class...

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The Ultimate Guide to QR Codes in China

We all know that QR Codes have exploded in China, much more so than in western markets. They have become an integral part of the digital and physical environment in China, so much so that it is hard to convey the scale of QR usage, one cannot imagine modern daily life now without QR codes. It is estimated that on daily basis users interact with QR codes 10-15 times and we now see them on most physical products, embedded in billboard ads and even on clothing with QR patterns featured on T-shirts, dresses and trousers. In essence, China has...

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Alipay’s ‘red envelope’ game and the shift towards AR in China

Alipay, China’s largest third party payment app are taking the E-hongbao trend to the next level. E-hongbaos, or electronic ‘red envelopes’ have become a growing phenomenon in China. The 21st century version of the traditional envelope with money inside, which is typically presented at important festivals and occasions in the Chinese calendar, is now veering off into a whole new direction.. E-hongbaos are a digitally formatted “envelope” which when opened within a payment, service app such as Alipay or WeChat, will transfer either a fixed sum or a random allocation to a users account. Around large Chinese festivals this trend has been increasing on WeChat and Alipay, both giving away millions of RMB in free ‘prizes’ for users to share the hongbaos on their platform. Alipay, have now developed a new AR ‘game’ as part of the platform, launched after the success of ‘Pokemon Go’ in China. We expect Augmented Reality such as this to be a huge craze this year as Alipay lead the charge in commercial AR.     How does it work? Users will utilize geo-location and mapping based software on their smart phones to locate ‘hongbaos’ on a street map, they then travel to the location and can open the envelope to access prizes, exclusive content or monetary rewards. They see the hongbao as part of the physical environment via the camera on their phone and...

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Jack Ma: China’s Most Successful Entrepreneur

Jack Ma is arguably the most influential business leader in China today. The Chinese billionaires’ company ‘Alibaba’ have become a world leading e-commerce player. Ever since their record breaking IPO on the New York stock exchange there has been increasing interest in the strong character and leading Chinese entrepreneur that is ‘Jack Ma’. This is not surprising as he is the man behind the innovative, and highly successful, e-commerce revolution in the largest nation on the planet. Alibaba currently preside over 70% of the Chinese e-retail market. In a recent interview at Davos, a global business conference, Alibaba’s founder...

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A Diverse Digital Market in China for the ‘Year Of the Rooster’.

2017 reflects an important milestone for the Chinese digital landscape. We have seen the market develop extraordinarily quickly over the past five years with the growth and dominance of several key players, notably Alibaba, Tencent’s WeChat and Baidu. These are, respectively, the largest e-commerce company, social network and search engine in China. Whilst blogging about the digital sphere in China over the last few years one has witnessed the rise of these dominant Chinese players and had the pleasure of seeing a mind-boggling level of development and innovation occur, this has traditionally been pioneered by the big players. Alibaba...

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