Author: Benji Lamb

Alibaba’s Tmall Lose Market Share in China

It will not come as a surprise that Alibaba retained its dominance over the e-commerce sector in China in 2016. The e-retail giant’s business to consumer (B2C), market place Tmall beat competitors with a 56.6% share sales. Tmall has however notably lost a percentage of its share to who ranked second with 24.7% share, up by over 4% from the previous year. JD has cleverly differentiated itself from Alibaba by managing its own stock, product inventory and by shipping directly to customers. Their business model is different as Tmall focuses on simply connecting buyers and sellers. It is...

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How a Thai snack brand increased sales and went viral with Chinese tourists

‘Glendee’ is snack brand from Thailand. They produce potato chips, coconut chips and other variations made from different fruits and vegetables. They had a specific focus when it came to China, they wanted to attract Chinese tourists visiting Thailand to purchase their products as well as selling directly into the Mainland market. I’ll explore this case study to emphasize the importance of targeted marketing to the right segment of consumers as well the profitability of tapping to the overseas Chinese travellers for international brands.   Thailand: the most popular destination for Chinese tourists This was an intelligent and very targeted move, with...

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Most popular Brands for Chinese Women

With the Chinese blogosphere awash with news on inspiring female stories after International Women’s Day, YouGov BrandIndex have announced the top ten most popular brands amongst Chinese women. Chinese Women Market Chanel, WeChat and Dove had the highest Women’s impression scores in China, out performing rivals such as Alipay and Tmall. The top brand list is dominated by fashion brands (Chanel & Nike), e-commerce platforms (Tmall & JD) and internet brands such as WeChat or QQ. Impression Score The rankings are calculated based on ‘impression scores’ for each brand among women respondents for a 12 month period through to...

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WeChat owners Tencent buy 5% of Tesla in innovative new investment

  Tencent, Asia’s second highest valued tech firm, has bought a five percent share in Tesla. According to a filing, the Chinese firm scooped up 8,167,544 shares for around $1.7 billion to become one of Tesla’s largest shareholders. Tencent are the master minds behind China’s largest social media platform ‘WeChat’ with over 850 million registered users. Additionaly, the reputable QQ; a large messenger, email & entertainment platform is also part of the Tencent Group, The news sent Tesla’s share price up three percent in pre-market trading. The purchase was arranged on March 17 with the Tencent-owned shares now worth around $2.2 billion at...

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China’s Home Sharing Site ‘Tujia’ Rivals Airbnb

The road to online property lodging in China has been a rocky one with levels of awareness & interest in the concept slower to take off than in the rest of the world. A whole host of Chinese sites have tried and failed to duplicate the success of Airbnb in Mainland China. With it’s closed, online ecosystem that is more akin to an ‘intranet’ on a vast scale, it is domestic platforms which dominate and cater for China’s unique user base. Here I will explore the business model of China’s different answer to Airbnb: One local company have stood...

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