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Beijing Winter Olympic Game in 2022, good or bad news for China?

While the news is still moving Chinese people’s heart, some already start to doubt about this project, which seems to bring more troubles than advantages both technically and concerning its image. After 2008, here comes 2022! The Olympics in general have always represented an opportunity to promote the country internationally and indirectly, to see its growth sustained thanks to the games. The year 2008 was a good example of development of the city of Beijing and its surroundings. Elected in 2001 to host the most anticipated of all sports enthusiasts event, Beijing has been transformed into a modern metropolis...

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5 news about Chinese football

5 news about Chinese football An increasing number of Chinese likes football. Despite the fact that their team had not qualified for the World Cup in Brazil this year (its last World Cup qualifying dates back to 2002), the event caused a real frenzy in the country: Chinese people watched all the matches carefully. China, the future big football market in the world, can it be possible? Here are 5 news about Chinese football. 1 – The founder of Alibaba has just bought a football club Jack Ma, the founder of the Chinese giant e-commerce platform Alibaba, has recently decided to...

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Sporting Goods Market in China

China Sporting Goods Market Status quo of China sports goods market Sports goods have now become the sixth expense for a Chinese family. A report from General Administration of Sport of China shows that though most Chinese want to do sports regularly, only one third Chinese often take physical exercise. It is probably caused by the time and site. Now the government has already worked on this and to invest more on sports equipment and boost sports goods market. The motivation of the market Rapidly-growing economy Although slowed down by the global crisis, China GDP still keeps increasing at...

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Yoga is increasingly popular in China

What’s new in China? International Yoga Day This year again, we observed the International Yoga day on 20 June 2016 for the second year running. All the yoga lovers gathered together from over 190 countries to celebrate the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. They practiced their favourite sport by doing special posture uniting the body and spirit. This special day was created in India and was expanded across the entire world. The amazing spot in Beijing                   In Beijing it was really impressive this year as there were...

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Digital Advertising Guide in China

Digital Advertising China : 2017 China’s advertising industry is fast paced and always evolving, thanks to the demands of the consumers. Unlike many Western and other countries of the world, television is definitely not the biggest source of advertisement in China. Also, the huge geographical size of the country also makes the task of reaching out to all the potential customers quite challenging. While 96% of the advertisements by the leading multinational companies are done through the medium of television, yet more and more advertising agencies are now targeting their Chinese consumers through digital advertising. According to a survey,...

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